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    1. Mitchell says:

      I recieved an email from a gentleman named David Mattison regarding a resume I had sent him. He states that he needs someone to deposit checks into their account and then wire money to an unnamed orphanidge via Western Union. Sounds kind of fishy....

    2. Cyrus says:

      these people are worse than bed bugs!!!

    3. Dave says:

      When the machine picked up caller hung up.

    4. Heriberto says:

      I too got a call from the same number

    5. Long says:

      Getting these. They are pre-recorded, and appear to be spoofing the same area code and exchange as local cell #s.

    6. Alonzo says:

      me too! Crazy Scam ! I said mail it !and then just playing around I told him that I had a pre paid debit card for him  - He got mad and said I needed a bank account to ensure that I get - Total Scam !!!! hahahah - these scammers are really investing money into these scams ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a call back number and everything ! Wow

    7. Esteban says:

      i got the miss call. when i call back they weht to directly to answerignmichine i just cut the call . Rs10/- diducted from my account

    8. Stanton says:

      Thanks people!!  I looked up his job title and found this page. It helped me out and saved me time and aggravation. His new number is 9793182391. He said his name was Bill.

    9. Sheldon says:

      breathing heavy on phone and hung up on me

    10. Hubert says:

      Wouldn't say who it was.

    11. Waylon says:

      I have been called by this number for the past two days. Today, I answered the phone and the lady said I had been awarded 450,000.00  then asked me to call 800-445-1839. How stupid do they think I am. The only reason I am writing in this blog is to warn people that may think they have been awarded money. This is not how you are awarded money. Their is a lot of paper work that goes a long with winning something but first you must enter something in order to win. So if you have not entered anything then I guess you did not win anything!!!  Caller Beware.........

    12. Edgar says:

      ******* bugging me! I said put me on the do not call list and they replied "you call me! stop calling me!" idiot scammers/prankstersRead more at http://www.whycall.me/305-600-1235.html#MCtg1ggPeeEwSGIl.99

    13. Garry says:

      Also recvd same text - different combination of letters and numbers, but same call back # and reference to Fifth Third B

    14. Lionel says:

      got one telling me that I was "selected" win to an iPad 3 but I needed to be one of the first 1000 and I needed to click the link ipad3winner.info and enter code 7777. This text was received at 5AM!! I don't know who this is but 5AM is RUDE!

    15. Brady says:

      Debt Collector wanting information to use to collect your debt.