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    1. Dave says:

      Just got a call, to my cell phone, during work hours about some credit card I supposedly had back in the 90's. It was paid off to the best of my memory. I know it's not on my credit and never has been. Yet, these people actually expect to "collect" on some made-up debt I supposedly have. Got a robo-call to my home number yesterday with zero information other than a callback number of (712) 560-1251 via caller ID for a Saltzman Gerhar but the tollfree number given was 866-625-8973. It's run by XO Communications as the RespOrg/Telecom.

    2. Nigel says:

      Credit card company trying to sell me something

    3. Bo says:

      My wife and I are constantly being harassed by someone texting from this and numbers similar to it. We are sick to death of it.

    4. Keenan says:

      insurance company calling saying they have better rates.

    5. Darius says:

      Please do file reports with the FBI, your state attorney general and Department Of Justice,FTC & FCC..

    6. Stanton says:

      They tried to block their number, but that doesn't work on my cell phone. I called back and it's a business called 'SWIRES' ?? IDK.... just thought I'd report it

    7. Amado says:

      got a call from 267-921-1569 knew my name and said they did work on my property as a landscaper - did not!!!!! identified himself as Scott said he was from Newtown, PA....?????? scammy

    8. Garry says:

      I keep getting calls from 207-078-1911

    9. Enrique says:

      free cruise... just give 'em your credit card number.

    10. Mauro says:

      Called multiple times within a half hour but I did not answer

    11. Tobias says:

      They called me and told me I was approved to $3,000. Because I am in a financial crisis I went for it, and sent $240.

    12. Alonzo says:

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    13. Otha says:

      Has called three times in the past two days. I'm almost certain it's an auto-dialer. Answered this last time and an automated voice says "please continue to hold."It's being sent straight to voicemail now.

    14. Renato says:

      Its a collection agency...They call me too. They leave a message on my voicemail saying, "We look forward to hearing from you".

    15. Johnathon says:

      Received a text that says, " I'm a lucky winner! "