305-590 Phone Me Not

  • 305-590-8883
  • 305-590-8884
  • 305-590-8885
  • 305-590-8886
  • 305-590-8887
  • 305-590-8888
  • 305-590-8889
  • 305-590-8890
  • 305-590-8891
  • 305-590-8892
  • 305-590-8893
  • 305-590-8894
  • 305-590-8895
  • 305-590-8896
  • 305-590-8897
  • 305-590-8898
  • 305-590-8899
  • 305-590-8900
  • 305-590-8901
  • 305-590-8902
  • 305-590-8903
  • 305-590-8904
  • 305-590-8905
  • 305-590-8906
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  • 305-590-8909

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    1. Alec says:

      at least spell it right, morons. Fedeal, must be latino?

    2. Theo says:

      Left voicemail on about credit opportunities

    3. Noe says:

      After 70 illegal sales calls from these guys, I finally played along with them long enough to find out who they are, today: mostly they are PrimeChoiceHealth.com; mostly a broker for health insurance. Other contacts: Philip at 872(4?) 784 8010 x. 600; the broker Casey 754 201 4141; also 503 457 1236. These guys don't stop. They (or the telemarketer they contract)have their own "internal do not call list." But if you call, they never really take you off the roll. The same recorded male voice answers at least two of their own "do not call" numbers. But they don't stop. I looked up their main 253 & 503 457 1236 number with "Mr. Number" on the internet; it moves from Astoria Oregon to Portland. Blocking helps. Be sure to block each new number they try. Call them back, and if you get the same male voice on the recording, you know its the same outfit.

    4. Myron says:

      this nymber appeared in onE of my cell phone log. I have no idea who and what company this is. can any one answer?

    5. Marlon says:

      ex boyfriend do not answer

    6. Benjamin says:

      Got a text from this number.  Did not send Stop as I wasn't sure if it was just going to make it worse.

    7. Harley says:

      A woman from the U.S Census Bureau who snoops in your business.

    8. Jayson says:

      indian person, cyber crimes unit wanted my lawer information. i pressed him for city and state, washingtom, dc. I forwarded them to voice mail. he had my social.

    9. Laverne says:

      Randomly selected for 2 tickets for a limited showing of the new Beatles movies! (insert spam link) Total bull crap....been getting these spam messages more and more frequently lately.

    10. Johnathon says:

      when i got that call, i was shock and confuse.i don't know if i should respond or not.it sounds good but i never heard of it before.what do u think?

    11. Chas says:

      I don't want them calling my phone

    12. Waylon says:


    13. Casey says:

      Got a call on a friends phone from this number saying its an audit. Claimed to have name and SSN.

    14. Rory says:

      it works.. i just went there and requested my # be taken off thier calling list!!  ty

    15. Seymour says:

      I just realized, I posted a craigslist for-sale ad recently with my # and my first name. Only thing I can think of where someone might have grabbed it.