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    1. Courtney says:

      Received call on mobile (UK) at 22.00 GMT.

    2. Brooks says:

      clamming to be form better business bureau, was from "winners international" scamDO NOT GIVE DETAILS OR SEND MONEY

    3. Jerrell says:

      This number called me a few days ago but I didn't answer and then looked on here and am glad I didn't. They called back from a different number just now 213-550-4678 and only left a partial message with same BS about calling them back or a complaint will be filed. This the second company to try this tactic with me in about 3 months. I got the last one to quit calling after she cussed me out cause I wouldn't give my info and pay. So I cussed her out and told her never to call again or I was going to the cops.

    4. Garland says:


    5. Landon says:

      a scam number about dell laptops

    6. Buford says:

      Called to install free home alarms.

    7. Jewell says:

      They thought I was a creep cuz they txted me and I didn't know who it even was.

    8. Palmer says:

      AR Resources ..automated message spans my phone at least once a day. Wont stop calling. Says I owe money when I don't know who they are or what for.

    9. Esteban says:

      Got a call on a cell phone from 1-136-046-0773.  Second call I have gotten from this number.  First time I answered and the line went dead.  Second time I let it roll to voicemail and no message was left.  Only references to that area code after a google search were to the China 900 GSM frequency.  I wonder if this actually is some bot, from China, dialing random U.S. cell phone numbers.  If so, it is probably looking for someone with a smart phone to answer so they can download a virus into the phone or set up some sort of identity theft scam.

    10. Andre says:

      What's the usual number of digits a phone number has?

    11. Rob says:

      I received a text from ksblock@myvzw.com saying issues found on your h&r block 5111 65xx MasterCard.call at 13035780902

    12. Devin says:

      Lonely woman that likes harassing ppl

    13. Maximo says:

      Same as everyone- no message.  Very irritating

    14. Reid says:

      Caller ID reads, 201 355 2452 Gramercy. Never answers calls or numbers I am not familar with. I hook up to fax machine. Scammers

    15. Carmen says:

      Has called 3 times in 4 hours but never leaves a voicemail. I refuse to answer.