307-331 Phone Me Not

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    1. Elisha says:

      They call but do not leave a message. Maybe telemarketers, number is located in Los Angeles.

    2. Raymon says:

      I just tried...the spam setting says you can only submit a 10 digit number.  The number that keeps texting me is:  1-180-122-22269 .

    3. Moses says:

      This guy calls, asks if this is (my name).  I said yes and could I help him.  He hung up.  I called him back no less 20 times and he kept hanging up. How can we get this guy off the lines?????

    4. Nickolas says:

      always calling but never say anything

    5. Bo says:

      Someone selling insurance

    6. Myron says:

      fm New Castle DE.carrier AT&T Wireless

    7. Isidro says:

      These people called me while I was sleeping on a late Saturday morning and did not leave a message. I did not pick up. When I called back, I got a machine saying a Magic Jack carrier owned the number, but it did not say who the caller was or what type of company they are. I hate courtesy calls or unknown callers who don't leave messages.

    8. Vernon says:

      Blue Stem committee reminding me to vote on Tuesday.....seriously??

    9. Rogelio says:

      I have been contacted by this ph. # and the individual said his name was Jason McKenzie. He said he was working with the Law firm Gibson,Dunn & Crutcher. I was unable to understand much of what he said due to a heavy accent, Indian or Middle Eastern? He was very rude and hung up on me when I pressed him for more information. He said he was calling to advise me of legal action that was going to be taken against me for a payday on-line loan I had taken out and not paid. I have been paying the loan, I have proof on my statements. He was unable to give me a date or the amount of the Loan(s) I took out or the name of the companies. I have been harrassed by these individuals and some other  heavy foreign accented people. I contacted the Law firm of Gibson... and they have no knowledge of this company and want me to give them all the information I have on this matter. I called one of the on-line payday companies and the lady who I spoke with told me that she has heard that this is happening and to google all the ph. #'s and this is why I am responding to this!

    10. Elroy says:

      Always saying he wanna see my pussy

    11. Jorge says:

      They keep calling all hours day and night. They never leave me a message or nothing.

    12. Levi says:

      I got a call from this number 206-201-2542 claiming I won a 7,000 grant. They wanted my account information and informed me that a Michael King would be calling me back. I was uncomfortable with this request and insisted that Michael King call me. No call was returned to me. I knew it was a scam and I wish to report this.

    13. Tyrone says:

      This number is harassing my husband

    14. Antoine says:

      just received this text message "Your 434258-XXX card is locked. Call  # 209-732-5672. In was from 434258@wells.com.  It is a scam.

    15. Rusty says:

      Hi this is Anne with health services please hold for an important message.