309-863 Phone Me Not

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    1. Hosea says:

      I received a text from this number....I have no idea who sent it and when I responded they did not reply back...I do not even have a Maine number so I am not sure how they could have got the number

    2. Grant says:

      I think it's a fake Modeling Company

    3. Burt says:

      fax machine keeps calling

    4. Moises says:

      STAY VERY FAR AWAY!!!! nothing compared to pictures. Scams you for loot and offers nothing like what she says in her ads.

    5. Dan says:

      Just got a call from this number, too. I said hello a few times and the recorded message never kicked in--just silence.  I hung up. Annoying!

    6. Gaylord says:

      I didn't pick up, but its an advertisement!

    7. Douglass says:

      Poor english speaking man called several times saying he was from Microsoft and wanted me to turn on my computer and follow his instructions to stop computer errors. He called the first six times and caller ID said out of area. I entered *77 into phone to reject callers who block their caller ID and he called back again from this number 209-813-0001. He told me to right click "My Computer" Icon and click on "Manage." I told him my computer was in the closet and I would write down his instructions. He would again go back to the beginning of his "script" and say "I am calling from Microsoft and your computer has errors." "Do you have computer?" When I was tired of playing I would hang up but he calls back about once an hour. I'm retired and ain't got nuttin to do so I'll play..... but YOU should be leary of calls from this number.

    8. Dewitt says:

      Craigslist Scam do not reply to inquiries from this number

    9. Kim says:

      also receive calls from these same ppl.. this has scam written all ovr it!!  Also another number 1-631-940-8501..call trace on your phone is * 57 three successsful traces & u can press charges

    10. Ted says:

      spam text "Hey (my name), not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.800cig.com is giving away free e-cig trials. -Alex"I don't smoke and obviously don't know this number.

    11. Joan says:

      They have called numerous times and as soon as I answer they hang up.

    12. Nathanael says:

      Have had several texts from this number on all of my cell(s) and this is very frustrating and a major inconveince.

    13. Sterling says:

      Getting irritated. Download Mr. NUMBER. Great app, let's u block spam numbers so it just hangs up on them

    14. Lupe says:

      Right, hospital that doesn't want a bad wrap against them...excuse me...hahahahahahahaaaaa...!

    15. Graig says:

      Got a text said I won a best but gift card.