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    1. Nathan says:

      block all text messages and calls from this number

    2. Dwayne says:

      They are scammers along with 424-256-9265. They both use GOOGLE VOICE and will try to sell you something... Classic car, boat, etc. then take your money. Please be cautious of anyone using a google voice number who is trying to sell you something!

    3. Wilfredo says:

      Mystery call from 279 area.

    4. Odis says:

      they always call and never leave a message ..who are these people

    5. Harley says:

      Got a text from this number wanting to buy a car I had for sale. Said he was out to sea. Thats as far as I went with it. Sounds like a scam in the making to me!

    6. Porfirio says:

      They texted me and said "Good morning babe-Prince charming"I blocked the number. I don't know any one in NY

    7. Collin says:

      It's for a collection agency out of Norcross, GA called Patient Accounts Bureau.

    8. Raymundo says:

      same with me, said the card has been deactived. weird.

    9. Darin says:

      I keep receiving phone calls from this number asking to speak to a Frank Day. I have no idea who Frank Day is. They refuse to tell me who they are. They tell me they will remove my number from their system but they call back a few weeks later. This sceinario has been playing out for at least 6 to 8 months.

    10. Van says:

      Hi this is student services

    11. Long says:

      They were calling about furthering education

    12. Bernardo says:

      This last time I pressed 1 to talk to an operator. I started talking to him about the problem and he hung up on me.

    13. Francisco says:

      Several calls, never leaves voicemail

    14. Felix says:

      Whomever it is hangs up. Second time. States Attorneys office should know about this number. Too many complaints.

    15. Jesse says:

      Got basically the same messages as ms Vaughn almost every other day....the same east-indian accents....only i knew it was a scam from the gate and didn't call back...they have numerous numbers to call you from so i just reject all the numbers and keep on trucking...so sad that they can do this and some poor person will fall into this trap and give out info that they do not have.yes they do have our SS numbers and our date of birth...but they want Money...so as long as they cant access your bank acct.then maybe we'll be ok but its just scary knowing these scum bags come here and get away with this mess....everybody needs to report this so the public will be aware. this is a ring and its huge, ive been getting call from these same east-indian accent people that goes by officer David Doyle and other names be warned that if there is a lawsuit filed