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    1. Clayton says:

      they r a bill collector of some sort i got to the phone once in time to find out who was calling

    2. Alejandro says:

      It was a message recording in Spanish

    3. Roy says:

      I also received a check for 2400 dollars and told to do the same. I did not cash the check but I intervened and contact the bank it was drawn on and also the company in which the check was written. The company is in New Hampshire and the bank is Rhode Island. I called the company in Merrimack, NH which is called PC Connection, Inc zip code 03054 (206)202-3475 and Robin, accounts recievable, to varify if the checkm is good. I also faxed her a copy of the check. I didn't tell her that I was going to send her a copy of the address that the Fed Ex had. Neither have I heard from her and her voice mail keeps coming on. I strongly believe that this company is a scam.

    4. Nick says:

      got the same deal as the other folks.I do not have an account with a Harrison Bank or Harris Bank. It was a text message with the same number above(309 282 8729) Its bad enough they scam you with this pretentious text call,on top of that your stuck paying for the text message.They need to be reported to the ftc,better buisness burough and whoever else that could follow up. I never answer a phone number I dont know.If someone wants me bad enough they can leave a message.

    5. Everette says:

      Why are they calling me and why aren't they telling da truth

    6. Hershel says:

      Just got a call from this number. I pressed ignore and they left a message on my cell about that cruise bs.

    7. Rolland says:

      cruise line looking to fill empty seats. SPAM.

    8. Rick says:

      Recorded message saying I have not updated my business listing with Google.

    9. Valentine says:

      This phone number keeps calling my cell phone. Never leaving a message and when I called back 2minutes later the message was this number is no longer in service. Has anyone answered the call? I was sleeping when the called me. I plan on answer if I am awake to see who these jerks are.

    10. Elbert says:

      They call and they don't answer they just sit there and listen 2 u say hello and then they hang up

    11. Harry says:

      This is an evil person and I pray for them!

    12. Cortez says:

      Scam spam robocaller ....

    13. Lowell says:

      99.999% sure it's a bill collector or a telemarketer.

    14. Lamont says:

      i don't think so ... he peruses online resumes for sales agents - co. has BBB accr.

    15. Elisha says:

      Just keep calling never leave messages.....annoying. Guess what, if I don't know you I'm not answering and if you don't leave a message I can't call you back - not like I probably would anyway. SO QUIT CALLING ME!