310-670 Phone Me Not

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    1. Francisco says:

      Wouldn't we all like to win, but you can't win a contest you never entered and/or which is fraudulent.

    2. Benjamin says:

      They call, but don't leave any messages......

    3. Gaston says:

      Didn't get to the phone in time to answer. No message was left. When I tried to return the call, I got an automatic recording, advising me that, "The number you have called is not in service (or not a woprking number). Please check your number and dial again."

    4. Stacy says:

      I made $9000 18 minutes after I got this call! UsA #!1!!!

    5. Quentin says:

      keeps calling... doesn't leave voicemail. tired of this number

    6. Jordon says:

      charge of 4.95 to my bank account.  no idea what this site is or how they got my info.

    7. Dominick says:

      Supposedly I requested a life insurance quote over the internet. Woman was polite, but refused to divulge the url or email source of the request. I told her this was a scam. She replied, "As you wish, sir. Good night. Call came 2011-03-21- 2001.

    8. Frances says:

      It's just a beep. I researched this number online and found out its a company that sells cheap meds online, no idea how they got my number?

    9. Glenn says:

      Why should I avoid spam calls?

    10. Keven says:

      when I called this number back it said claim your $100 walmart gift card. just press 1 now.

    11. Darnell says:

      Rcvd spam txt from this number. This is how the convo went:Them: Hi ;D me: hi t: Let's talk on y! IM Screen name is mackenziegirl3 m: Do i know you? T: Do you remember me?? A.d. to help your memory m: Who are you looking for? T: Hurry a.d.d me i'll be waiting on you! I deleted because i have no idea who this is. Hope this helps someone.

    12. Dan says:

      Was an automated message saying I was a winner of a $2500.00 cruise to Cancun Mexico because of a website I had recently visited(but hadnt visited any such websites ir entered any contests.Said price was all inclusive costs for airfair,resort with all the beer,wine,and alcohol I wanted,water sports&lessons,etc.for up to four people.Then said press 1 to accept this prize.Immediately afterwards a foriegn representative with a who sounded like "Habib" from the Simpson's answered,first saying in order to accept this prize I must confirm you are 21 yrs of age ir older,I replied "yes".Then he said "In order to accept this prize,I must ask for a valid credit card number"~ For which I replied "Don't have one,goodbye!".

    13. Elliott says:

      Unknown caller, refused to stop calling my number.

    14. George says:

      Telling me a won a cruise

    15. Darwin says:

      Called and didn't leave message. These robot callers don't care about the none-call list....