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    1. Tod says:

      Got exact call as Kari above, Same circumstance... claimed to be MS sec person calling me on an unpublished second line...

    2. Dion says:

      Medical healthcare plan call

    3. Andres says:

      Calls five times a day and hangs up. It's annoying the constant calling. I'm trying to run a business.

    4. Andrea says:

      Got a text message - Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that go to http://ipad3winner.info and enter code BETA will Receive it! Real scammer

    5. Jules says:

      Called talking Spanish n I couldn't understand

    6. Daren says:

      collector looking for dolorian brown.

    7. Reyes says:

      I got  call from this no on 28 dec,09 at 6.08 pm and did not left any voice msg...Disconnected by caller

    8. Wesley says:

      caller id says 121-299-9998 BERNARD HODES G these are the same idiots that call from 203-538-0952 and many other BS type numbers. Yes I'm on the do not call list, lotta good that does. How do I get one of these for life Government jobs where you don't actually have to do anything? Useless! If the Democrat Liberals get enough of the Entitlement Society to vote for them... America is finished and there will be zero honest jobs. YEA Tea Party...

    9. Stanton says:

      This guy Bill Steed was posing as a musician who is part of an ensamble. I have a music background too and thought at the time it was ok to give him my number (dumb me) because he wanted to give me more information and send brochures on his group. When he called me later he was asking way too much personal information so I ended the call. Now he has been calling me off and on for the past 2 years asking me to go with him to Vages or just to call him back. A couple of times he sounded frustrated and was very rude in his voice mails. He has two other numbers he called me from...702-385-7111 and 760-239-3592. Obviously there is something wrong with this old guy...

    10. Howard says:

      Received call from this number tonight.  No on 1183 caller.  hung up on me after they would not answer what state or city they were calling from.

    11. Everette says:

      They keep asking for my location information, they refuse to tell me who they are, or what the debt is for.  They call at least 4 times a day.

    12. Jarvis says:

      This is a spam number that keeps calling

    13. Jorge says:

      Ask for personal information?

    14. Les says:

      When I answered it was a woman talking in a foriegn language

    15. Abraham says:

      Tele marketer about loans