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    1. Forrest says:

      total a***oles. called me over 10 times. still calling. someone please find and kill these losers. they are so pathetic. mcdonalds fired them.

    2. Jeff says:

      I got the call from this number and as far as i know, it should be a fraud though the man in this call tried his best to explain low int rate and credit debt... FRAUD...I may contact FBI or police regarding these info.

    3. Toby says:

      I have filed a formal complaint against these people with the Sheriff Department in the county I live in as well as San Juaquin County California where the call originated. I called them back and asked them to identify themselves and they said "f*** off" and began to cuss me out and threaten my life. They quoted my address and social security number and said they were "coming to kill" me. I want a case against them in court and I want to see them face to face.

    4. Emile says:

      called them from a different phone than the one they callede on...the lady stayed "thank u for calling this is Alex how can I help u?" I asked what company she was from and she stated smart shoppers. wanted my name n phone number so she could pull my file. NO THANK YOU. REPORT AS SPAM.

    5. Jody says:

      at the end of their message, they pressure me to press 1, like 5 times in 10 seconds they said that. They are not allowed to do this.

    6. Gino says:

      I got a call from this number on a weekday evening. They did not leave a message

    7. Henry says:

      Je suis de Québec et je reçois le même message continuellement. Il m'est impossible de le "stopper" de plus je ne parle pas anglais. J'ai fait quelques recherches sur Internet pour me débarasser de ce récurent message 72000. Malheureusement, je n'ai rien trouvé.

    8. Chong says:

      Got a missed call - called back automatic response - "It is important that we speak with you". Held, got transferred to voicemail.

    9. Trenton says:

      home security solicitation recording

    10. Saul says:

      If i ansewer they hang up so am sayimg to all of u block the number

    11. Colton says:

      Daily, unwanted text messages from 5x2.org from multiple numbers: 312-593-8270 224-595-8594 312-593-8158 312-532-7204 224-625-0081 312-532-8751 312-532-8035 Texted "block 2246250081" to "9999" but texts continue to show up daily from different numbers.

    12. Jimmie says:

      Calls every day between 9 and 11. never answers.

    13. Ron says:

      Advertiser: mystery shoppers

    14. Homer says:

      Caller ID was Cold Springs, NY. Did not pick up the line.

    15. Scottie says:

      Just bought a fiat 2 weeks ago and started getting calls from this number.