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    1. Britt says:

      Now appearing in CID as just Portland ME.

    2. Elwood says:

      When I pickup no answered and I tried to call back and got a busy tone.....

    3. Hosea says:

      Please be aware this may be a romance scam where you'll eventually be asked to send him money via Western Union - the favorite method of money transfer because it's untraceable and once it's picked up at the other end, it's gone forever.

    4. Carey says:

      Calling Cell Phone - Do not want them to call  - Calling several times a day and won't explain what they want.

    5. Tyrell says:

      I too got a text message from a guy named joey with a 304 area code (W VA) requesting I email him at provde@gmail.com with more info about my car for sale. I texted back to call me with any questions. So now it seems like this is some scam to harvest my email id. beware!

    6. Del says:

      I work alot and I'm unable to answer my personal cell phone the majority of the time. Very concerning on how they got my phone number. I would like my phone number to be kept private.

    7. Alexander says:

      Called numerous times selling merchant accounts. Refused to stop calling after being asked more than once. Was told by a lady once that they would not stop calling no matter what.

    8. Jody says:

      Got call at 4:38  pm. Didn't answer.said unknown name. Afraid to return call as international rates may apply.

    9. Karl says:

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    10. Teodoro says:

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    11. Boyd says:

      Spam - sent email to my 10 year old daughter about a wire transfer to her bank :-(

    12. Long says:

      I got a call from this number 206 203 2912 and was told about an error that had been sent to Microsoft and that he could help me fix it. When he told me to press the windows key and "r" I google that and found out it was a scam. He said his name was Peter Anderson and he was calling from New York. There were lots of voices in the background. He had a thick accent that sounded European.

    13. Antione says:

      A home give away automated phone call.

    14. Terrell says:

      They Cal several times daily

    15. Hugo says:

      Block TEXTS,Voicemails,Calls,Emails