313-265 Phone Me Not

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    1. Dana says:

      Scammers.  Phone only rings three times.  I never answer numbers I do not recognize.

    2. Desmond says:

      Do not call me again I am NOT interested in what you are selling

    3. Allan says:

      Started calling yesterday morning around 5:30 am. Thinks its hilarious, and keeps trying to call everyday. Obviously a crackhead with no credit because Cricket wireless is his provider.

    4. Jayson says:

      Sends text and picture/txt to cell phones in the middle of the night and the morning.  When I called the number, the female would hang up on me.  I asked her how she acquired my number and she refused to answer by hanging up.

    5. Benny says:

      Has called several times. I don't answer and they don't leave a message.

    6. Jarred says:

      Charity clothing. Pretends to be charity when really a for profit

    7. Rodrick says:

      Got this call on my cell.  Let 'em eat static.

    8. Phil says:

      Western Waterworks and Landscaping

    9. Morgan says:

      They call at least once a day. So annoying. I've told them I'm not interested yet they still keep calling. I don't answer the phone anymore.

    10. Norman says:

      Script reader couldn't name a credit card for the offer of interest rate reduction. when I started to question hime he swore and hung up

    11. Faustino says:

      I have recieved a few phone calls from this number and i have no clue who they are and I'd like to know.

    12. Darrell says:

      Bbncbun b bbbb gbyh hhyngyhg. Byhy ubybgb bbbbbh ybyhyh c. Bbg. Ny b buhyb g b bg. G byybbbiyy x yhbturgbbhhb b bob b the yyhh. G h b ybvh b

    13. Reuben says:

      this redirects you some where asking you to hold before saying who they are.

    14. Carmine says:

      called back the number and it said it was disconnected... How, I'm not sure. I called the number back less than 5 mins after my phone rang.

    15. Augustine says:

      Called and said govt program wanting to pay me 7000.00. im not a some dumbass. Total scam to get ur info to hack ur bank acct