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    1. Ashley says:

      I received a text at 4 this morning, some people do not have better things to do with their time then scam other people.

    2. Laverne says:

      Hi,Is this your ad http://www.kijiji.ca/12313243453.html because i'm very interested, please let me know if this is still available.Thank you Angelina RobinsonPhone: 303-233-9852

    3. Theo says:

      This person called and wanted donations. My caller ID said Caller U 1- 317- 426-3178.

    4. Tony says:

      hung up as soon as i answered

    5. Douglas says:

      got the same call last night. tried calling back 1 i never give out my home number and it is unlisted and two they new my name i don't any online shopping or anything so really wierd

    6. Marcelo says:

      Robo call selling home security system.

    7. Jan says:

      Called the 1-888 number Ashley Martin left. Some other person answered...Keisha. I asked for Ashley and was told "she's on another line, could they help me." I said, yes. Either A: You called the wrong number, or B: You called my cell phone unsolicited. After about 5 seconds she said, she must have dialed the number wrong. I didn't say anthing for about 5 seconds, when Keisha said. Um. I will let her know. I said, please do, and know that if you called my cell unsolicited, I will report you because I'm on the National Do Not Call list. Keisha hung up on me. I immediately dialed them back and the next person who answered said again Ashley was on another line. I said, I need you to understand something. You take my number off your call list. I am reporting you as soon as I hang up and I better not hear from your company again. The second lady. Angela? I forgot her name, but she said no problem,Threatening to report them, usually ends their calls.

    8. Preston says:

      Very annoying. Continually calling.

    9. Les says:

      Adverizing local to Bakersfield ca

    10. Val says:

      Straight up crazy, delusional and spun

    11. Sherman says:

      Hi!i would like to purchase a coulpe of items you have posted. How do I purchase? Also, josie maran argan oil (small) do you have 1 or 2 available?Thanks

    12. Carter says:

      Verizon is trying to be slick

    13. Mathew says:

      Got a call and the caller I'd said "childhood leuke" no one said any thing

    14. Domingo says:

      Just got a call from "Jennifer" Yesterday with threatining tones about lawyers and bad stuff. I returned the call and said "My name is [John Smith] and I am returning your call. By law I must inform you this call is being recorded for legal purposes." He asked me my name then immediatly disconnected. Don't think I'll be hearing back from them.

    15. Kareem says:

      Annoying to get calls where no one speaks! Hangs up whenever I answer. Hopefully I will remember this number and not answer again... Fat lot of good being on the Do Not Call list does, by the way...