313-614 Phone Me Not

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    1. Dillon says:

      dnt let phone ring at all

    2. Gene says:

      A Dr. Ward Cole calls and is very rude. Spam

    3. Darell says:

      Calling about colleges and universities! Blah! leave me alone quit calling!!!!

    4. Harris says:

      Some telemarketing computer that is selling home protection plans.

    5. Noe says:

      pretending to give you something for free.

    6. Lorenzo says:

      I to work at a major newspaper and am taking a call now. What do I need to do to catch this one?

    7. Roger says:

      Just got a text to activate my broadway federal credit card.

    8. Lee says:

      Got a call this morning @7:20 am from a man with a Indian accent saying that my computer was sending error messages and he wanted me to turn on my computer now. I kept asking what company he was working for?? My phone showed the 209 area code and name of XFMT ODP. He was very insistant that I turn on my computer. Told him "hell no" I was not and he hung up. Sounds like a scam to me..going to send a email out to friends and family and warn them also.

    9. Chet says:

      1 call today - could not understand the individual

    10. Frank says:

      This number has called me 5 times today. Left 3 message that are short and nothing. Do you know him?

    11. James says:

      block number and txt from coming in

    12. Florencio says:

      My research shows that this is a telescammer who's phone number(s) are for hire by the shady side.

    13. Rene says:

      no one ever leaves a message

    14. Titus says:

      No paying you is an EXCELLENT idea!  Reporting your crooked asss to law enforcement is an EVEN BETTER idea.

    15. Darin says:

      They tell me they are an attorney office at Sara Evans Law wanting to collect money due to a medical bill in state of Maryland they want credit or debit card so I gave them a false card i never used they want to either speak to me my husband or attorney actually called the real Evans law firm in Saint Louis Mo no record on me they even left a voice mail on my phone to call a 1 866 number so I no longer answer calls from these people but next time they leave me a voice mail I am calling my local police dept