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    1. Marcel says:

      My call was received on March 13, 2007 at 9:19am

    2. Lindsay says:

      car warranty.  I waited and dialed 1 then told them to p****off.   BFD they said.  Seems you can do nothing about it.

    3. Isaias says:

      That is the same call back number he gave me!  He said his name was Sam.  The # on my caller I.D. was the same as yours.  I just acted like I didn't understand what he was asking me and I kept repeating what he asked me......very very slow!  He got frustrated with me and hung up, ha ha!!  I knew it was a scam.  I would never ever give anyone any information about myself or my computer when they are the ones that are calling me.  I ended up calling Best Buys Geek Squad to double check my computer since it was running slow anyway and I have the $99.00 deal for a year where they help you with any computer problems.  You can have a total of 3 computers on this deal.

    4. Alfonso says:

      same.  this number called my cell - rang for 3 seconds then hung up.

    5. Devin says:

      Dumb mother f***** call it 7a.m. trying to sell so f****** security system.

    6. Donovan says:

      unwanted phone calls daily

    7. Ernest says:

      They keep threatening me

    8. Elias says:

      Keeps calling. No message left

    9. Manual says:

      Fyi I've told my BRO who he is he's gestured with rapore Mr cheeks n.dwn with the list boys he go by the name LB I met him through tagged . Now he's THREATN to kill me read my text ..Spanish got with a cut from head to chin on right side face 1 dinner date we went on n now he's obsessed

    10. Jared says:

      Spending out offers to buy stuff tens times a day

    11. Eloy says:

      FREE Apple ipad Enter "6417 at http://apple.ca.igifts.cc to tell us where to ship it.

    12. Arnold says:

      Got a text saying I have an inactive debit card.  When I returned the call, I was asked for my debit card number.  The text came from 530088@achieve.com.  The website is illegitimate.  Achieve debit cards are issued through achievecard.com.  I have never signed up for a card from them, so I do not know how they ended up with my number.  However, the text came from a site THAT IS NOT the actual achievecard website.  Caution, I smell a scam.

    13. Joan says:

      i just got a call from 3073168545. no vm and no return call number. what is going on?

    14. Leigh says:

      Spam they keep calling Omg

    15. Elden says:

      Bill collectors for Memorial hospitals. They call 2/3 times a day, every single day!!!!?!