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    1. Donnell says:

      Somebody is calling me regularly on my cell phone. The voice is not proper

    2. Shad says:

      automated alarm sales spam

    3. Roberto says:

      I live in Edmonton also. Got the same call yesterday asking if I found their dog.

    4. Oswaldo says:

      Please report to your local authorities and FCC.gov

    5. Hector says:

      Kept getting calls never left a message so I called back: wca subscriber services... listened to the menu press one to unsubscribe your number then they go into a schpeel about "the great benefits of being a subscriber" press two to unsubscribe if your sure and I'm no longer on the call list... I hope!

    6. Herman says:

      I just got this new number the next day I get a call from them

    7. Albert says:

      Political Survey. You can use option 1 to opt out.

    8. Bob says:

      They don't leave a message! I am listed on the federal do not call list so if this is telemarketing- they'd better stop!

    9. Austin says:

      You want us to spend the time to listen to what you have to say?  Have you tried it yourself?  When I'm bored and I do decide to answer unknown numbers like this, I patiently wait for the person to ask for info or if I'm interested.  I simply say that I will not give any info over the phone, I'm not interested, and remove my number from your system.  You want us to listen to you read your little speech for 5 - 10 minutes, but won't listen for the 10 seconds it takes us to politely say "f*** off."  Please look into a career change.

    10. Ray says:

      Jst got a call. I decided to call it back bt it says cannot dialed from my cell phone

    11. Edmund says:

      seven calls yesterday. no message left.

    12. Mike says:

      Won't stop calling and texing

    13. Cleveland says:

      I got a text from this number saying my name, I got your number from a friend (I hope its right) I think ur sexy..call me at (323) 404-9175 if you want to meet ; )It is spam for sure

    14. Kendrick says:

      Female voice nothing else

    15. Wilford says:

      Call received when not home.  No message left on machine.  If this is an "invalid code," how can the call go through?