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    1. Lesley says:

      Got a call from 206-202-0395 to my home and it comes up as Unassigned on the Caller ID. 3rd day in a row they call and no voice mail. I don't pick up and like someone said, if no voice mail then it's not important.

    2. Vaughn says:

      Crooked lobbyest..As if they arent all crooked.

    3. Timmy says:

      Fraud - they tried to scam me and take over the computer claiming to be Microsoft.

    4. Erasmo says:

      Just got first call. They tried to confirm my name and home address. Called started with a male non native speaker, when I questioned what it was about auto switched to female native speaked. I refused to confirm any information. They hung up.

    5. Andre says:

      Guy called my house saying someone who doesn't even live in my house saying there was on claim check is running a major scam would like the number reported he says his name is doug

    6. Alberto says:

      Credit card i have been approved...

    7. Dino says:

      Lower interest rate on my credit card.

    8. Johnnie says:

      Call from 270-681-0294. Called back blocking my number out of curiousity. First said something about Google voice. I stayed on the line and after ringing numerous times a message picked up saying to leave a message and have a blessed day.

    9. Dee says:

      Robo-call offering free diabetic testing kit if you had medicare. "Stay on line for our rep..." I did to ask to be removed from list -- the woman, "Lemore" said a curse word and hung up. I called back and a recorded voice said "press 1 if you do not wish to receive calls -- will take 72 hours." I guess we'll see if that worked. Clearly a "front" number for mass marketers.

    10. Leslie says:

      Sun Dance Vacation. A woman there said I won a cruise from and a contest I entered at a Nets game. She knew my name and my ex-boyfriend. Very scarey. These folks also called my son's phone with the same message. They said that I had to pay the taxes on the cruise I won! Said their offices where located in Rock-Away, Queens, NY. With some probing on my part, our phone conversation was somehow disconnected and they did not return the call!

    11. Ian says:

      They called me at work today.  I answered and there was no one there.  Did not show who it was; just this number.

    12. Alberto says:

      Called I too dont answer numbers I dont know. Now Im glad I didnt take it. Time to add to the blocked list. Now thats an app Im glad to have!

    13. Tyrell says:

      Again I am so very angry that i continue to get calls from this number and it appears that there is no way to get them to stop calling me!!!

    14. Ricardo says:

      Got a call from Texas State several times under this number but no one left a message.

    15. Peter says:

      Text requesting a "group" text session!