315-454 Phone Me Not

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    1. Lucas says:


    2. Leslie says:

      This is an automated telemarketing call that tells you you have a voicemail message waiting about a business opportunity.  It is a Seattle number but originates from someone in New Hampshire.

    3. Hung says:

      Same thing, seems to be some kind of scam....

    4. Curt says:

      For the past couple of months I too have gotten calls from 111-019-1013 regarding a windows problem.  I too, cannot understand him and have asked several times not to be call and that I would record and report his calls.

    5. Salvador says:

      It was a guy name Danny call me from this number...dnt kno him

    6. Deon says:

      I got the same s*** idk if they receive money from a response back but I did tell this person to F**k off and that people are on to him/her for their BS

    7. Antione says:

      Call from this number every afternoon...will not answer when call picked up.  A real nuisance.

    8. Nathanael says:

      Text messages being sent , I don't know who it is trying to get me to buy ringtones

    9. Randell says:

      Also, a man with an indian accent telling me I have a problem with my computer.. he repeat 3 times "this is about your computer" .. I identified the scam and hung up.. this is crazy!!

    10. Cory says:

      hey kiska no hai...q muje babar phone aate hai is no se?

    11. Jude says:

      Unknown person calling about a federal grant.

    12. Dustin says:

      OOPS wrong num ber is all that is said by a toung woman

    13. Jonah says:

      Automated message about a free bahama cruise.

    14. Glen says:

      Spam! Keep calling me as well. Three times a day. They on block now. Some people need to get a life and job and stop trying to rob other ppl. F n losers.

    15. Lawrence says:

      This is information that everyone could use about this company. They are called Financial Freedom located at 18401 US hwy 19, Clearwater Fl 33764 the actual phone number is 1-866-523-3328. Like everyone else Ihave also recieve about a million calls and have actualy talked to 3 persons and told them not to call. Today I recieved a phone call from them and I changed my attitude to get this information from them. What I propose is that we all call them 25 times a day and hang up on them to waste thier time. Lets face it if your having a bad day why not pass it on to a person who kept the ball rolling. All they have to do is leave a message on your machine or actually be on the line when you answer it ans wait for them to talk. Hope this helps