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    1. Guy says:

      absolute fraud. calling late at night. leave no message.

    2. Chase says:

      Bullllshit you probably work for that scam of a place !!! Get a real job f****n low life!

    3. Cornell says:

      calls 2 -4 times a day at inconvenient times and does not leave message . This is harassment. Cease and desist this practice or prepare for class action suit. this time they got a wrong number!

    4. Cortez says:

      ...Started receiving calls from this number about "continuing my education". Finally, after I exclaimed that I had not requested this company to contact me, the caller seemed irritated, and hung up on me. Then, they continued to call, repeatedly, as if nothing was ever said. I've even called them to ask that they take me off of their calling list only to be hung up on again. Although I don't answer their calls anymore, they continue to call. I'm not sure what to do...

    5. Ignacio says:

      This is a car place that keeps sending texts to my phone about selling a truck I don't have, have repeatedly sent stop text, but still get them.

    6. Walton says:

      Craigslist scammer. Beware.

    7. Laverne says:

      These guys keep sending a recorded message about Debt solutions. I am on the do not call list, but they keep calling!!!! Arghhh! Kill these b*****ds! AND they don't identify the name of the company.

    8. Kennith says:

      TXT message 11/12/12 saying i won $1000 Best Buys Gift Card....BS....Left long detailed complaint on Best Buy CS line. Best Buy responded and indicated they are already looking into this. Not one of they're promo's.

    9. Antoine says:

      Same message recieved 22,500,00.00 from Mr Martin Hawke Fax - 41-434302074

    10. Isaiah says:

      Would say anything they are spam!

    11. Buford says:

      I got 2 calls but no given information from this number

    12. Tracy says:

      I will find you! Spam garbage!!!!

    13. Wade says:

      Furthering ur education..

    14. Austin says:

      This number calls me several times a month om my cell phone. They never leave messages it is definitely spam calling. I suggest you do not answer and if you do do not give out any personal information to these people. Or if you like have fun with these idiots and play the repeat game. for example "hello sir" hello sir "you won a cruise trip" you won a cruise trip "stop it" stop it guarantee they will hang up and may not call again :D 1-0 for the good guys

    15. Benny says:

      this number has called me every evening (after 9pm) for the past three days in a row. i called back and a machine answers; "venture data call research". says its nothing to do with sales, just research.