317-435 Phone Me Not

  • 317-435-0027
  • 317-435-0028
  • 317-435-0029
  • 317-435-0030
  • 317-435-0031
  • 317-435-0032
  • 317-435-0033
  • 317-435-0034
  • 317-435-0035
  • 317-435-0036
  • 317-435-0037
  • 317-435-0038
  • 317-435-0039
  • 317-435-0040
  • 317-435-0041
  • 317-435-0042
  • 317-435-0043
  • 317-435-0044
  • 317-435-0045
  • 317-435-0046
  • 317-435-0047
  • 317-435-0048
  • 317-435-0049
  • 317-435-0050
  • 317-435-0051
  • 317-435-0052
  • 317-435-0053

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    1. Devin says:

      It is a political survey - I may have locked up the machine - after 4 minutes of entering wrong selections.

    2. Bobby says:

      APD needs to investigate this number.

    3. Tory says:

      yep  fraud . i have no connection with az federal.

    4. Forrest says:

      Got the same call...Will someone please put a warrant out on her....

    5. Lester says:

      It says at the bottom of their advertising fax:

    6. Mickey says:

      I received a call from the same number they are now going by the name Danny Wilson. He left a message on my answering machine stating he was from the court house and the state attorney. My friend and I called back, a man answered and we could not understand him. We asked what is this and he said state attroney office. I had research the state attroney number which did not match. I called them and asked for Danny Wison they said there is noone by the name of this here. I told them my story.

    7. Rashad says:

      Idiot who replied to my cl ad

    8. Austin says:

      Card services fishing call

    9. Brant says:

      Just called again. Still didn't leave a message.

    10. Vincent says:

      It said, i love you, Merry almost christmas?

    11. Reynaldo says:

      This number keeps calling constantly every day. There is no answer but then when they do say something you can't understand them.

    12. Norris says:

      Called left no message..Couldnt call the number back

    13. Hector says:

      This person has calles me 4 times withing the past 5 minutes.He leaves no message.Because of telemarketing calls I do not answer my phone tojust anybody.My caller ID says Hessell ScottVery disturbing!!!

    14. Donny says:

      Have no idea who this is! Calls 4 times a week

    15. Kurtis says:

      Got a call from this number and did not answer. Looked the number on the internet and did not see anything. Called them back and the recording mention Direct TV. So I Goggled Connections Unlimited and Direct TV Washington and got this website http://www.localdtvdealer.com/connectionsunlimited In case the site remove the actual link you can put www (dot) local TV dealer dot (com) backslash connection unlimited. Apparently direct TV is doing some robocalls in true telemarketing fashion. I have never inquired about their service. They will here it from me tomorrow though.