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    1. Britt says:

      They called me twice now. It asked me if I was good on my electric bill I qualified for a government grant. Then it told me to press 0, I did and it hung up on me. It was a computer voice.

    2. Jamie says:

      I got 2 calls from this number in one day. No message was left on my voicemail.

    3. Alfred says:

      been getting continual calls from this number, all about goverment loans. its non stop, every hour it comes in like clockwork, computer run calls.

    4. Marty says:

      Appeared to be overseas call. Heavy Indian/Pakistani accented male. Said he was from 'Windows' and that they detected a virus on my computer from the error reports it was generating. Offered to walk me through on my computer to fix the problem. When questioned about how my phone number was linked to my computer, the line went dead. I don't know what he was after. Next time I'll play along to see what the scam is.

    5. Abram says:

      This is ridiculous. They have called at least 10 times today and i pick up and it hangs up..Why are they calling if they are just going to hang up on me...-.-

    6. Porter says:

      just stopped fuccin wit em

    7. Buddy says:

      Called at 6:50 p.m. on Wednesday 4/23/08.  My husband answered and the guy on the other end asked "Mr. ?????".  The caller used my maiden name, and I have been married over 6 years now.  My husband said no, and then the call ended.  We are listed on the do not call list.  Don't know who it was.

    8. Prince says:


    9. Damion says:

      called house and cell. google search its yet one more scammer changing numbers on cid.

    10. Rigoberto says:

      Just received a call from this number...it came up as Toll Free Call on the caller id. When I receive calls like this, I usually answer and put it on mute. It took about 45 secs before they finally hung up. They might get the hint to not call back or they might just keep wasting their time.

    11. Harland says:

      What do this message mean, r u referring to me?

    12. Burl says:

      They don't leave a message, they have no ID, just private caller, and when you call them you get a busy signal. This must stop!

    13. Andy says:

      I received an odd text from this number, harassing me with completely false information about my horse training

    14. Efrain says:

      Never leaves a message. And call back says its a non working number.

    15. Brad says:

      They keep calling & hanging up when I answer