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    1. Lowell says:

      Known scammer offering a cruise

    2. Emerson says:

      This company always call my number. I ask to be removed from their list but the calls keep coming, it seems there is nothing you can do to stop them.

    3. Clayton says:

      They call me, but when i answer dont reply

    4. Ross says:

      She said it was a wrong number.

    5. Shad says:

      Hang up.  Called back, wouldn't connect to the number.

    6. Tyrell says:

      We received the same exact fax also today.  Just the way it read, suggested scam all over it.

    7. Elton says:

      This dude called. Asked for me and hungup..please stop future calls.

    8. Robbie says:

      its not a scam...their # comes up did everytime an inmate calls out. my brother is locked up and i just got two calls from there...with different numbers within seconds. you may have the "Allen County Jail" on block, but the phones the inmates use cannot be blocked bc the system uses different numbers.

    9. Erick says:

      Someone keep calling me from this number stating that a law suit has been filed against me and I have to pay them the money or else...but I didn know anything about it. So I would like to know who the people is harassing me and I want to know who it is if you can help at all.

    10. Christopher says:

      Automated Network marketing spam call

    11. Doyle says:

      Someone called asking for a member of household mentioning being friends that have never been heard of. Then said to meet them at the usual spot and hung up. Then it was busy when the number was called back. People at this number then called again.

    12. Esteban says:

      Bought fake concert tickets from this guy..jamaican with dreads

    13. Graham says:

      Auto insurance talking about lowering your rates

    14. Robert says:

      That person no longer has this number but you keep calling

    15. Chuck says:

      this guy likes to make threats about your kids by causing them bodily harm. not a safe guy yo keep around your loved ones