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    1. Gilbert says:

      Also got a response from them with ad on craigslist. When I hit reply on email address they gave and address it was mailing too didnt match.

    2. Otto says:


    3. Marshall says:

      random number that is made up from an app.

    4. Loren says:


    5. Carlo says:

      Unknown number person on the other end will not answer

    6. Noah says:

      Ha!  He told me he was from the United States Government Grant Department.  I had to make him say it twice and then questioned the "Grant" part.  When I said OK, he launched into another spiel which I couldn't understand, something about $9000 that I don't have to pay back.  I told him I didn't believe him and to put me on their "do not call" list.  But I think he had already hung up.

    7. Norris says:

      Police Athletic League for another town. Get lost.

    8. Ferdinand says:

      Same just happened to me. They stated it was Bank of America...i dont even have Bank of America act.

    9. Orlando says:

      These people are calling and I have the sae complaints as the others. Also I am on the no call list as well. How do we get this company to stop? It's annoying.

    10. Deon says:

      Nothing just a player playing games the end. mobile alabama

    11. Hassan says:

      I got this text saying "wsup Stacy! :) looked at ur fbook pix and you r ultra hot! pls add me on skyppe(Tarty.Splash5) and lets chat abit

    12. Raymon says:

      Call is coming via  to my daughters cell phone number with improper

    13. Johnny says:

      201-210-5681 is not a Verizon wireless number... its a scam to call another 888 number... DO NOT CALL BACK they will tax a fee to your cell number and Verizon will not take off the charge... you calling back the 888 number allow them that you agree to whatever they please... scam. Out of new Jersey.  Pissed off!

    14. Jimmy says:

      Keep getting calls and calls daily from this company.

    15. Rashad says:

      The exact same thing happend to me today, thought id check out the number and here we are!!!!