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    1. Wendell says:

      I was told the first 1000 people to respond to this text would receive an Apple iPad3 for Beta testing. You had to call quickly and use the code Beta.

    2. Charlie says:

      Got a call from the 115-917-9600. I never seen an area code this number before. They left no message.

    3. Theo says:

      I also received a recorded message saying, "Please hold while we transfer you."  As I did not recognize the number, I hung up and googled it.  Scammer. I tried calling back from the SAME phone and got the recorded message that I must call back from the number that received the call, which I did.  I immediately went to

    4. Demarcus says:

      Got a call from this phone number.

    5. Saul says:

      This number is leaving hateful messages and is harassing several different people! This is irritating!!!

    6. Quentin says:

      Kelly McCallum. PSYCHO B**CH! Called 42 times in one hour trying to harass me.

    7. Erick says:

      Dumb crooks calling to sell stuff ps do not give any info

    8. Maximo says:

      Absolute spam...maybe a collector of some sort.

    9. Ward says:

      This kid called me 5 times asking about jelly donuts

    10. Darron says:

      They called me to try & sell me insurance..Ive asked this company to Please take me Off thier call list several times.

    11. Giovanni says:

      It's a massage school that won't stop calling

    12. Brice says:

      Some one called claming our company owed them 500.00 for closing out an ad with the yellow pages. No one here opened an account. They played me a recording saying we did. They said if we did not pay today our bill would be over 1,000 dollars they lady said she sent two notices we never revived them. When asked to send a certified letter she said she was not able to do so. She then proceeded to tell at me for not paying right then and there. It's a scam folks don't fall for it.

    13. Pierre says:

      Received multiple phone calls from 314-819-1045 saying they are from different company's on my caller ID. Very frustrating!!!

    14. Noel says:

      Cum dumpster Jenni 8675309 dump ur cum anytime!!!!!

    15. Harland says:

      I rec'vd a call today from a caller brown gerry sounds like a hindo guy stating I am looking for so and so and I ask for what you speaking to them they state that they are calling to collect on a debt that I owe and that If i dont pay them  by 5 p.m. today they will persue against me and so on... I asked what and who was demanding this debt and they said that the creditor was from Cash-USA who lend me the money!! I informed them that I never rec'vd any money from them. They state that they did loan me this money and it was never paid back they said that if I dont pay the debt then will have to go to court and will have to pay more thean 5,000 and I will loose.  I will have to have my lawyer call them now!!!!  They told me that I could take care of this out of court and they will be able to help me pay this debt. he states I will call you back in 5 mins to speak to his supervisor to see if I can do monthly payments. Then 5 mins pass and he calls me back stating I can send monthly payments of $100.00 and will send me an email notify of this confirmation of me paying monthly. SO I KNOW I NEVER REC'VD A LOAN FROM THEM AND THIS IS A SCAM AND WILL REPORT TO THE BBB!!! THEY ARE SCAMERS AND I WILL NOT PAY THEM NOTHING!!!!