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    1. Daron says:

      They just call at all hours of day and night 3 times today already ! I do not answer #'s I don't know ! They will not leave a voice message nor will they stop harassing me ! Help Mr. Number ! Please

    2. Philip says:

      i wish they would quit calling me..call at least 6 times a day even at work saying they will serve me papers at work or home. i will not and can not pay anything..until i get paper work on the debt.i will inform the law.

    3. Earnest says:

      I got the same voice mail this morning and will report it. I'm in Alaska.

    4. Rick says:

      I also received a call Mar 15, 2013 and a woman said she is calling for a charity that helps children with cancer. She asked if she sent me an envelope could I send back a small amount like twenty dollars. I never heard of the name she used for the "organization".

    5. Quinn says:


    6. Darryl says:

      got one and it said sorry didn't know if you still smoked for free e cig go to www.87cigs.com

    7. Charlie says:

      I received a call and than the loud sound when you don't pick up the phone

    8. Cleo says:

      If a number is out of your area code, and you don't recognize it, don't answer. If they continue to call back put it on silent ringer. Works like a charm.

    9. Raymundo says:

      All you do is tell them you found a school and you are enrolled. This takes away their very reason for calling. Save yourself some stress and if you can afford it.. .get a phone with dual sim and have 2 numbers...one for friends and family on for BS (and I don't mean a Bachelorate of Science...lshmsh). Cause some of you folk leaving comments should settle down before your head pops. . .geeeez.! (jk) o_O

    10. Charlie says:

      Keeps calling asking for jared very mean

    11. Odell says:

      sms spam "hi haven't talked in a while www.dateonlinelinks.com i have pice there"

    12. Tommie says:

      All I heard was a ship horn and then I hunged up.

    13. Milan says:

      Please deactivate and disconnect my mobile number from your company!

    14. Charlie says:

      she was sking for a free room!

    15. Ambrose says:

      Calling and hanging up,how childish and annoying that is...