320-490 Phone Me Not

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    1. Mary says:

      I have asked this company to stop calling me but they are still calling me 3 to 5 times a day.

    2. Reuben says:

      This number is a landline

    3. Kelly says:

      Received call at 11:45 a.m. (Michigan time)

    4. Royal says:

      It was a automated system

    5. Kenton says:

      keep getting this. i responded and asked them to stop and that just caused more to come in. now on a daily+ basis.

    6. Jamal says:

      Just received a call at our office from this number - he said he wanted to speak with someone about our company's merger and acquisition strategy - he didn't want to give any other info over the phone - so I asked him to send information by email.

    7. Freddy says:

      this number came up on my daughters phone several times in just a few minutes...when she answer, person on other end used vulgar language.

    8. Eduardo says:

      The phones rings twice and hangs up. When I call back inquiring about the company, who the call is for, etcetera, a woman repeatedly hangs up on me. She answers West Asset Management but she says it so fast, you can hardly understand what she is saying. If this is a reputable business, they should question their methods. I don't why they would be calling me, especially on my mobile phone, because I  don't have any delinquent accounts.

    9. Erich says:

      Who is this? They call 4 times a day damn

    10. Darrick says:

      Keep getting calls and hang ups from the same number - 124-284-3057.

    11. Eddie says:

      Just received the same call. They called me once last week and said they were "Eric Matthews." Now this week they are some guy named "henry" but it's obviously the same voice. I hung up so he called back 4 times in a row. Tried to tell me there's a legal case with my name on it in Orange County, CA. I'm from Buffalo and the only time I've ever been to Cali was when I was 7 years old. These losers need to get a new job and a life.

    12. Armando says:

      Another credit collection agency looking for Neil e Varney.

    13. Blaine says:

      I just got the text message from them saying "Required Call".  I received a second text from them that said "Hello Call" also.  I have been getting text messages from them asking me to activate my account on-line.  The name varies slightly each tme they text me.  One time it is GROW FINANCIAL, the next time it is GROWCU.NET...another time it it is GFINANCE.  Sometimes the return number is 773-321-5101.   When I research that number, I find the smae type of complaints / questions as I do on this site.

    14. Garrett says:

      Edmonds Herve wanted to buy the Toyota I had listed  on Craigslist.  He said he wanted to pay by PayPal but it was obvious this was a scam.  I have now blocked him.

    15. Cristopher says:

      Quisiera saber quien es por que esta mandando informacion personal