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    1. Dalton says:

      Same caller as 301-223-0096. Can we pull the plug?

    2. Rueben says:

      I answered the phone told them they have the wrong number and they still keep calling back

    3. Trinidad says:

      So much for registering your name on these DO NOT CALL LISTS!  they still call and now it is to cell phones!  No message left so you know it was nothing important.. but what about when you are driving and have a blue tooth on, you have no idea who it is !  

    4. Vincenzo says:

      Voicemail about trip to the bahamas.

    5. Les says:

      Transsexual Craigslist spammer named Tia. You WILL get more than you bargained for!

    6. Don says:

      How is someone gonna call you then put you on hold to wait to speak to someone Smh

    7. Ali says:

      I just received a call from a man with a heavy accent inquiring about purchasine a laptop. I told him I did not stock laptops but could order one. He gave me the specs and model number he wanted and stated he wanted overnight shipment to Sacramento.

    8. Alden says:

      Didn't answer he/she didn't leave a message

    9. Kasey says:

      Bill collector, was told i would be taken off the list but i still get calls.

    10. Trevor says:

      I had .the same thing happen .to me 5 times .they said sit .in front .of your computer. so I can fix your computer. I said nothing .is free .so leave me the hell alone or I will call .the cops .she said you .are lying I  said crooks like you should go .to jail...She got made .and hung up .heres .the number watch out .1-376-969-3048

    11. Marcellus says:

      Received a call at 12:38 pm Central Time.  Caller ID was "Fresno CA" .  Did not recognize the

    12. Patrick says:

      Asking for another person.

    13. King says:

      Unsolicited text messages for local car dealer/repairs.

    14. Edison says:

      Makes me want to do the same thing. I mean really, I get a phone call from AT&T and it doesn't show up with their name? Said I wasn't interested in their internet service, that I was happy with what I had. Then she asked if I had cable or dial-up. I said it's none of your business and I'm happy with it. Got a gruff thank you and she hung up. :)

    15. Timmy says:

      Said this was the last "courtesy call" and was talking about cleaning credit saying that I've only been paying the minimum payment, but no indication on what I was paying off. Said to call back (877)723-1423 for information.