320-616 Phone Me Not

  • 320-616-0297
  • 320-616-0298
  • 320-616-0299
  • 320-616-0300
  • 320-616-0301
  • 320-616-0302
  • 320-616-0303
  • 320-616-0304
  • 320-616-0305
  • 320-616-0306
  • 320-616-0307
  • 320-616-0308
  • 320-616-0309
  • 320-616-0310
  • 320-616-0311
  • 320-616-0312
  • 320-616-0313
  • 320-616-0314
  • 320-616-0315
  • 320-616-0316
  • 320-616-0317
  • 320-616-0318
  • 320-616-0319
  • 320-616-0320
  • 320-616-0321
  • 320-616-0322
  • 320-616-0323

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    1. Jan says:

      No message left, annoying

    2. Kerry says:

      Express News ID, no message when answered

    3. Colton says:

      I keep getting calls from these idiots, and I haven't even had my new phone number for more than two months. I haven't even given the phone number out to anyone except for close friends and relatives.

    4. Kelvin says:

      LOL Dan.. so true. But since her post was in July.. I am sure she has found out that it wasn't indeed "legit".

    5. Marion says:

      3 calls over two days time. They won't leave a voice mail, and you can't call the number back as it rejects your attempt to call the number back. Very strange...

    6. Frederic says:

      Received same text re: saving money on gas and electric bill.Definitely an unsolicited text. I also received the same message from 347 6545745 on the same day.

    7. Chauncey says:

      This man keeps calling my work and telling them I did a fraudlant act and I need to call him ASAP.What can of jerk would call some one;s work with these lies.And how unprofessinal is it to call your employer? My employer is tracing these calls and telling this man to stop calling but he won't.this is HARASSMENT!

    8. Lester says:

      I live in Canada and I am with Telus . I also received  2 calls from this Number and yes I have applied to put me on the no Call  List a week ago,so I will have to see what happens in a month from now.

    9. Leonel says:

      Received call from 248-507-4190, which came through as a local call but the man stated he was in Texas. The man on the other end named Kumar wanted me to verify personal information. I said I need to verify who he was. He would not give me any other information. I asked to be put on do not call list.

    10. Hayden says:

      Got numerous calls from this number at 12am with them hanging up when I answer or asking for all different people who do not live here.

    11. Omer says:

      spam text messages.  No idea who it is.

    12. Gino says:

      Bull......Your a plant...from the church

    13. Reinaldo says:

      Same exact thing just happened to me! Its some kind of orank call line.

    14. Tyler says:

      Who knows the Spam Call issue?

    15. Edgar says:

      same at 11:04. didnt answer.