321-951 Phone Me Not

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    1. Gerald says:

      I received 2 calls. First one I answered, there was no one on the other line. I called them back and received generic voice mail. They have called several times each time I answer, there is no one on the other end.

    2. Seth says:

      I live in CA. and i got a blank text msg from this number sun morning. I text back asking who that was and i didn't get a reply. So i text bombed this number with 10,000 texts!

    3. Eric says:

      I get a call from this number at lease 4 to 5 times a day. unknown name

    4. Noah says:

      Called from this number, strange voices. Why are you calling me?

    5. Florentino says:

      Rent to own company, from what I discovered.

    6. Julian says:

      Called on my cell phone, didn't answer, they left no message.

    7. Lucas says:

      Some female playing games asking who I am, insecurities aren't attractive.

    8. Issac says:

      I'm want to block this #

    9. Erich says:

      very annoying person ,calls and hangs up everytime calls every second and dont speak ,curses and makes threats!!

    10. Brain says:

      Is that a legitimate number?

    11. Jarvis says:

      I recieved a call from a Mark Brown today 12/20/2010 who stated that he had governmental charges against my ss# and my residence was being investigated. I am in Mississippi, these people have had me so upset that I have cryed and cryed night after night after they have been telling me that they were going to black out my ss# and call my work so I would no longer have a job and would no longer be a citizen of the United States of America. I have been telling them time after time not to call my cell number nor work number and they still call every other week.

    12. Patrick says:

      Got the same call today from 209-257-3454

    13. Walton says:

      called, i ignored it. Tried to call back, phone number has been disconnected. Located on Radcliffe and S. Broadway, Englewood, Co.

    14. Arturo says:

      Of course it's a NON WORKING NUMBER.  They MAKE the number you see on your caller ID show up.

    15. Wilber says:

      I have received several messages on the business line answering machine saying "Hello, I want to talk to the person who makes choices about electricity." The caller then simply hangs up, never identifies herself, what company she is calling from, or a callback number. It's really annoying. I now have Caller ID on that line, so I called it back. "Thank you for calling Choice Energy. Please hold for the next customer service agent. - click- Hold for the next available agent - click - hold music for 1 minute - click - Please leave a message after the tone." So then I leave a message about how annoying it is. But I don't leave my name or number.