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    1. Luke says:

      Text came from a company wanting to give me a $100.00 Cash Card, $600.00 in Grocery Coupons and the list started to go on.  I asked how much will this cost me? Just $1.95 but I had to give them my credit card number.  Well, sounds like a scam to get your credit card information, I did not sign up for this card or do anything to receive these great deals.  Sounds scary, I told them no thanks.

    2. Luigi says:

      Didn't answer the call but I keep getting unknown calls

    3. Brady says:

      Hello,I would like this number block from calling me thank you

    4. Olen says:

      I received a phone call from a supposed company called Windows Service Station.  I asked for the phone number and was told that it was 209-257-3454 but on my phone it showed private caller

    5. Seth says:

      Unusual number/ out of state area code

    6. Eugene says:

      Got 2 text messages from 347-500-2353 wanting me to "check out their photo' on tango.net. BLOCK THEIR NUMBER ON YOUR PHONE, IT'S A SCAM!

    7. Gerard says:

      voice mail message had a lot of background activity noise like other operators on calls. heard male voice say 'guess not, guess not' then a pause before caller hung up.

    8. Dannie says:

      caller  ID showed # answered phone nothing

    9. Abraham says:

      Received on cell did not recognize, did not answer.  Googled number, glad I did not answer.

    10. Victor says:

      I also got a call from this 206# stating the exact same thing.  I was to call 800-920-4701 and include promo code PMI206. It is from Premiere Marketing a "Global Estates company."  They're offering you a 7 day cruise that leaves Galveston and all onboard expenses.  The catch is that this is to promote their 'discount travel services' (which are not part of the package you won).  You have to attend a 1.5 hour reception if you can prove you are a married, part of a couple, or a single woman.

    11. Hipolito says:

      02-Sep-2011 15:52:06 (EST)Credit card scam

    12. Hiram says:

      one of those companies who say they are for IRS tax relief

    13. Owen says:

      They called me then it got cut off. So I called back twice and said the number is not a working number.

    14. Rueben says:

      Got call from this number... Received and left no message......

    15. Elmer says:

      I received a fax asking for a price quote on an order for 300 BBQ ribs and pulled pork.  Wanting me to charge to a credit card and also add the cost of shipping b/c the shipping company's credit card machine was down.  C'mon!!!!.  Sounds like my experience was exactly like the others!