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    1. Jayson says:

      I actually spoke to someone and when I tried to call back i have been able to reach anyone.

    2. Gustavo says:

      Please note that 323-215-1108 uses "Frick Paper Co" as their caller ID.  However it has no affiliation with Frick Paper Co, which is a Retail, Food & Industrial Packaging company.  We are in the process of trying to resolve.

    3. Roy says:


    4. Irvin says:

      Hi. This is Lexis of Englewood. They will continue to call and never leave a message. A really poor way of doing business. When you mention to them that you will be CONTACT; they don't take the hint.

    5. Shirley says:

      Received a text from 434258@wells.com stating my card 434258xxx was locked--message said I needed to call 209-732-5672 to unlock--Thanks to you guys I will not even bother calling--Anyone know who we can report this to--On 06-27-11 I did register my cell phone for the Do Not Call cell phone list (888-382-1222)--Not sure if it covers unwanted text messages or just unwanted phone calls

    6. Rufus says:

      Drop in hockey@Lindell@615pm

    7. Rafael says:

      just got this number,I did not answer so  they left a massage saying "please call back this very important"

    8. Johnson says:

      just got this call also, threatening my husband, officer something, this really makes me upset,

    9. Jamey says:

      I got a call from this number.  When I answered, no one was there.  Where/who is this from?

    10. Davis says:

      I am registered on the National Do Not Call Registry and don't know where they got my phone number

    11. Foster says:

      Same message... ill regular activity against your account... blah blah I'm a lying creditor of some sort blah blah if you are stupid enough to call us back we will threaten you and your life.
      Screw them I blocked the number!

    12. Irwin says:

      This number calls several times per day without leaving any messages.

    13. Ariel says:

      Stop sending me your text messages!

    14. Desmond says:

      no message or ID. Not only on Do Not Call list, but this is my cell phone.

    15. Romeo says:

      Got call from this number at 8pm. It was a recorded message asking if I or anyone in my family was interested in signing up for Social Security Disability. The federal government does not call any citizen to ask if they are interested in signing up for government programs. This is definately a SPAM CALLER... likely wanting personal information.