330-992 Phone Me Not

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    1. Kareem says:

      This is f*k'd up s***.. Got the same text of "hey good looking.. Canada89 profile" I'm assuming its spam but seriously how the hell do they get my number!!!?

    2. Omar says:

      they texted me sayin they wanted to suck my toes? who is this~

    3. Vincenzo says:

      I am receiving lot of calls from this  number and related series. Can anyone let me know from which organization are these? I want to screw their happiness. If anyone is aware of it please inform me at solokilolo@yahoo.co.in

    4. Gail says:

      keeps calling don't know this person

    5. Damian says:

      I get daily repeated calls from 163-165-3300 - every day of the week including some weekends.  I don't want anymore of these unsolicted calls.

    6. Burton says:

      This is baton rouge clinic. Both my endocrinologist and surgeon work there. This is not spam

    7. Kory says:

      they just called me i hanged up whats it about

    8. Philip says:

      I have received several texts from this number. Telling me they will make my life horrible even more than it already is because according to them everyone hates me and that I look like a dude. I'm a girl. And I do not look like a man.

    9. Parker says:

      Received text message: Hey liteskin  

    10. Luigi says:

      said they were for nj police dept fund drive ,gotta be a scam

    11. Jacob says:

      Selling college online info

    12. Abram says:

      Somehow this number is associated with Phoenix collections. It shows multiple addresses ( 318 N. Gateway Ct Wichita, Ks 67230) two employees Brandon T. Hoffmann & Shala L. Graves. Other addresses include Bel-Aire, Kansas and a couple in Phoenix, arizona. Either Bill collections or scammers or both most likely.

    13. Lamont says:

      cold call to do securities

    14. Jamar says:

      They call me too saying I owe money but they still haven't pursued to do anything they explained....its a joke don't answer

    15. Carroll says:

      Person text me from this number offering to pay full price on furniture I listed on Craigs list, sight unseen. He wanted to pay me a check and have his mover pick it up after the check cleared. When I said it sounded suspicious because this was not a local number, he never text me back. Said his name was Eric