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    1. Gene says:

      Caller id shows a bounced call, but the phone never rang.

    2. Mikel says:

      asking for naked pictures

    3. Kris says:

      Its not spam its from Google

    4. Nicolas says:

      They called tonight about credit cards and my husband asked him which one? This guy Joe told him to shut the  *&%$ up and hung up. Number wad 609-227-4849 caller ur was Bordentown Nj.

    5. Jeff says:

      This may be L.E or a robber also uses 978-457-0191 beware

    6. Lenard says:

      Yeah her name was Lizzie hodges aka Kimberly Cunningham

    7. Solomon says:

      Called but didn't leave a message. I don't know anyone from Seattle. It says it is a Seattle phone number.

    8. Johnson says:

      Tired of getting these calls, told them repeatedly they have reached a wrong number, we have a do not call # and I'm going to report them.

    9. Jasper says:

      Scam, scam scam scam stay away stay awy

    10. Felipe says:

      this number has showed up on my cell phone bill for my 14 year old daughter about 25 times. How do you stop this?

    11. Loren says:

      Name Unavailable.  No hits yet for this one.  Has anyone talked to them?  Was called by 131-415-1000 the same day but a few hours later.

    12. Milton says:

      unknown no one on the phone

    13. Ambrose says:

      I keep getting calls from this number, but I don't answer because I do not know who it is. I get at least one or two a day and it's getting annoying. If it is a "bill" collector then they are violating the law as to times allowed to call. Someone needs to go after these people and set them straingt about the law. We are also on the donotcall.gov list

    14. Emile says:

      Contantly calls my cell phone number.  No message.  How can I block calls from this number?  It is on the Do Not Call List.

    15. Michel says:

      Rec'd call from them twice, latest call was today 4/17/08 I let the ans. machine get it. (thank goodness).  Our outgoing message is in Arabic, from the sounds of previous post perhaps they dont understand what is says, they didnt leave a message, they just hang up..Anway when I tried to call it back, the US recording said the call couldnt go thru as dialed.