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    1. Clay says:

      It's for car insurance they called back again and I answered.

    2. Jerrell says:

      They just call and call leave no message

    3. Josef says:

      Left no messages just kept calling

    4. Jody says:

      Got the call here in Milwaukee, WI.  A woman named "Brittany" called me and said she was from Arizona giving 300dollar gas cards out if I renewed a 3 yr subscription.  She also said I was 1 of the 500 people from WI to get it.  That move just tries to make you jump on the fact that you were the so called "lucky" recipient of this pricey gas car.  Her so called supervisor called me back today and was calling me Dude after I sounded apprehensive.  He wanted my credit card number, or debit card number.  I would never fall for this $hit.  They try to butter you up on the phone, DON"T FALL FOR IT.  Hang the phone up!

    5. Frank says:

      Idont want to see texts from this number please

    6. Brock says:

      Same story, they called for my daughter, wanted her to call back with TFN and date of birth.

    7. Rolando says:

      Hang up on Jackie Ervin to.

    8. Cyril says:

      Don't click the link. It is a virus or spam.

    9. Mckinley says:

      Same as other writers. Got this call today. Entered my credit card number before I realized it was probably a scam. Called the real Chase to confirm that there was a problem with my card (which there was not). Chase canceled my card to be safe.

    10. Monte says:

      DON'T DO IT. .. remember why you broke up in the first place. Have some standards Shala!

    11. Abel says:

      No voicemail. I believe it is WKU Billing/ Collections

    12. Buford says:

      This man called my business at 8:04 asking for my boss by name, he was not in. He then started asking questions about another company in town. I gave hin the number and he said he had been calling for weeks with no answer. He then asked for an address of the company. I didn't have one, just a p.o. box. He then starting asking me if I knew the lady. I know nothing about this company except what is in our system. I don't know anyone there or have any other contact info. He was not happy. He also was not very nice. This is an unlisted land line in Dallas Tx.

    13. Teodoro says:

      I spoke with Anthony in Customer Service and he was very helpful. I love them.

    14. Demetrius says:

      says I was approved for a car lian I never applied for

    15. Terry says:

      I just got a call and it was a song playing and it hung up what the hell is that?