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    1. Emory says:

      Man with an accent continues to call our business phone line.  Said he is from LogLogic.  Sounds like a scammer.

    2. Edison says:

      getting calls from this # and they keep hanging up

    3. Hugh says:

      Unknown, unwanted,pest call.

    4. Willard says:

      Telemarketing!! Asked them to quit calling and they will not!!

    5. Clemente says:

      Just got another call from this number.... I got pissed off enough that I looked up the name on Michigan Business Name Look UP.  The Owners Name is:

    6. Horacio says:

      Called my home office line. Usually they just hang up on me when I ask to be put on do not call list. This time the guy refused to put me on w/o me telling me why. We argued and I got belligerent because he refused. Eventually I hung up.

    7. Johnny says:

      So for 2 weeks i have been call free.at work and on my cell. this is what worked for me. when they started telling me they were going to.send an "officer" to pick me up and that i would be put away for 9 months. i told them to bring it. send him on. then i started. alling them every 5 minutes just as they had done to me i did this for about 3 maybe 4 hours. by the end of the day i was known in thier "office as the crazy pycho lady and they would tell me never to.call again and hang up on me. it has been 2 weeks now and all calls have stopped. sorry for all they typo's i am on a touch screen phone.

    8. Jarod says:

      I have received two calls today from this number. The first time there was no one on the other end. The second time I heard my response echo and some one else said hello then the line was cut!

    9. Dirk says:

      I had the exact same text

    10. Jesse says:

      i got a call from this number from a girl and she cool and the phone is in her parents name. you people need to stay drama-free.

    11. Walton says:

      called, i ignored it. Tried to call back, phone number has been disconnected. Located on Radcliffe and S. Broadway, Englewood, Co.

    12. Herschel says:

      Received call this AM but did not have time to take call.  Person IDed themselves with a name that recognized but did not look at caller ID at that time.  On returning the call the number was reported to be out of service.   Do not know anyone in Chicago.

    13. Tony says:

      Caller ID said "Jassper, Al" (205) 282 - 4169

    14. Danilo says:

      Selling pharmaceutical products

    15. Russ says:

      This call was about continuing education