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    1. Trenton says:

      jerk a** kids  wakin me up acting like they was deft

    2. Adrian says:

      recorded message about room cleaning.

    3. Heriberto says:

      Same as the above.  Got the survey first and then the Mountain Peak call today.  It has happened more than once.  I shall be filing a complaint on the Do Not Call List this evening (although no one ever seems to take any action against jerks like this).

    4. Houston says:

      Este Sr me robo, varias joyas, fumiga casas, me pidio que no ingresara a la casa en dos horas por el gas toxico que utilizo para fumigar, despues de ese tiempo me di cuenta que me habia robado mis joyas, no contesto mis llamadas, me pidio pago en efectivo, puse una denuncia en la policia, tiene varios cargos y antecedentes penales, por favor comparate este mensaje para que mas personas no sean robadas. sus telefonos son 818-221-7389 y 323-945-3355. El gas con que fumiga es un truco para robar no funciono.

    5. Jonathan says:

      Calls several times a day appears on caller ID as AACC

    6. Scottie says:

      I dont wanna to talk To U No More

    7. Roberto says:

      got a call said to reply to this email adress said i won 1000 dollars from walmart type in free

    8. Prince says:

      False Alert message from SunTrust.

    9. Dong says:

      Dey Wont Leave Me Alone .! I Hate Them

    10. Edgardo says:

      Call me immediately. I need a statement from you or your attorney concerning an investigation I'm conducting.

    11. Gordon says:

      When I have tried to call this number back it's some telemarketer to do with mobile customer care.  I have had a few missed calls from these guys and refuse to answer now that I know who they are.  I have no time for telemarketers and it pisses me off

    12. Austin says:

      Same scenario for me, except I live in egypt. I received the same call a week before and again today.

    13. Christopher says:

      I keep getting phone calls from this number but when I pick up no one answers but they keep calling me!

    14. Malcom says:

      bank fraud. email from bank that i don't have.

    15. Donte says:

      Received a call at 4:30am on a Saturday from 209-589-0185.  Caller ID shows Modesto, CA.  I answered and they hung up.