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    1. Bradford says:

      Health care insurance...from being on the internet....

    2. Palmer says:

      When you apply for a jpob on the internet, this info. gets sold to educational institutes. They try to talk you in bettering your education, in hopes it will help you get emploument. They are just trying to make money, having you enroll in their school, and try to get funding from unemployment benefitd.

    3. Danial says:

      Got a call at Midnight from this number, I'm in Georgia ,unknown # to me

    4. Jamel says:

      I've been getting these calls all day saying I've been approved for thousands of dollars in loans thanks to my application on their website. I told the last lady I never heard of them, have not applied for any loans and insist they delete all my info from their system.

    5. Antione says:

      I received 4 calls today.

    6. Gregg says:

      Caller ID said BMAC not BAMC.  No message left and when I call the number back, it gives a disconnected message.

    7. Werner says:


    8. Israel says:

      calling for IRS debt, the recorded voice is the same on calls from different numbers ranging from special offers, free gift cards and such

    9. Harvey says:

      I've been getting these calls pretty frequently for the last 2 months at least. Any idea how to stop them?

    10. Bert says:

      Spam. Indian female kept asking for my first name. sounded rushed. called at 5:30 in the morning. I am very angry to be woken up like this. I answered because I thought it was an emergency. She mentioned being from somekind of medical company. Might be phishing.

    11. Valentin says:

      they left a text saying that Attn, Cars from $49/mo Bad Credut accepted! For local listings go to www.GreatCarsUSA,com and left a code for me put in a car code

    12. Errol says:

      Spam text message about iphone5

    13. Don says:

      this is my friend phone number his name is christopher diamantopoulos

    14. Eric says:

      I received the same number from a job offer through email as well. For a personal assistant. The individual emailed me like 4 times and eventually I chalked it up to be a scam. Sounds too good to be an actual job in my opinion.

    15. Pete says:

      It was to my cell phone.  No message was left.