347-370 Phone Me Not

  • 347-370-7047
  • 347-370-7048
  • 347-370-7049
  • 347-370-7050
  • 347-370-7051
  • 347-370-7052
  • 347-370-7053
  • 347-370-7054
  • 347-370-7055
  • 347-370-7056
  • 347-370-7057
  • 347-370-7058
  • 347-370-7059
  • 347-370-7060
  • 347-370-7061
  • 347-370-7062
  • 347-370-7063
  • 347-370-7064
  • 347-370-7065
  • 347-370-7066
  • 347-370-7067
  • 347-370-7068
  • 347-370-7069
  • 347-370-7070
  • 347-370-7071
  • 347-370-7072
  • 347-370-7073

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    1. Stacey says:

      Got a phone call from this number. No voice message left.

    2. Colby says:

      Called and left no message, several times over months.

    3. Gayle says:

      tchuips I can't take it from u

    4. Miguel says:

      TAKHAR Group (a collection agency)

    5. Ian says:

      Call 4 times a day. No idea who they are. Very annoying

    6. Norberto says:

      Block this number...spam.....

    7. Nicholas says:

      i got the same phone cal, i knew it waS A scam bye the way they talked, so i waited and called them back the next day with the pin code they gave me to see if my name and info came up with that pin code, and after i gave the pin code they kept asking my name i said no you should have my info behind this pin code, so i decided to have fun with this and the following day i called them on the way home from work and pretended to be a laywer and they got irate, i told them i was gonna procecute to the fullest extent and buddy they went crazy started cussing at me sent me to the manager of "grants" i told him the same thing he cussed me and hung up? im pretty sure the federal goverment isnt goingt to cuss you on the phone

    8. Richard says:

      Birmingham news, they call constantly several times a day...wish they would get the hint

    9. Hank says:

      I received a call but I did not respond. I guess it was a call for fraudulent purpose.

    10. Eli says:

      This is an automated call/hang-up operation. You call back and get a voicemail that explains that the reason they called is because you expressed interest while online in jobs blah blah blah. It's complete and total spam. It's times like this that I'm glad I have Mr. Number!

    11. Norman says:

      Focus Receivables Management, LLC  

    12. Nickolas says:

      says they are smart shopper and we've won a gift certificate for $50 for filling out a survey, which is complete BS. They have called the last 2 days from Florida and California.

    13. Thaddeus says:

      Police!!...Lady name Felicia saying shes in Manhattan, in desperate need of help but only wants to work with girls with a "Daddy" for guidance. Set up all the way.

    14. Augustus says:

      scam!!!!!, when is this sh$t going 2 stop!!!!

    15. Moshe says:

      The message was the same, but the number is different. It was 877-556-2938.