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    1. Darryl says:

      This person or whoever they are calls my phone and hangs up as soon as I say hello

    2. Florentino says:

      Ayer recibí una llamada desde ese número. Era un tipo de Tele2. Esa gente está acosándome con llamadas desde hace meses. Le colgué y al instante me vuelve a llamar insultándome y amenazándome con llamarme todos los días de madrugada. Sus palabras fueron: "Mejor que se cambie de número, porque le voy a hacer la vida imposible".

    3. Joan says:

      Spanish offer says to cal more.

    4. Percy says:

      President Obama reelection campaign.

    5. Roderick says:

      robo call scammers called again - they should hire people who are familiar with English

    6. Ashley says:

      I Receiveda a call from you at 3:00 PM in Brazil today, I would like to know what is about? My name is Sergio Montenegro and my phone number is 0055 41 9672 1427

    7. Dalton says:

      Calls about five times a day. Sometimes back to back to back and every 30 minute

    8. Terrence says:

      keep getting calls with no message

    9. Emery says:

      do not answer. he doesnt get it

    10. Quintin says:

      I just got a call and did not answer. I will put it in as contact and directly to voice mail. If your cell or phone do not have this feature, you may wish to find out... I have HTC Evo from Sprint... If you do not know the number, don't answer... as you can always call back... but before that check on web. DNC list is working? I get tremendous amount of calls... SPAM... yesterday I got a call from 6095686969 sound legit, but was a SPAM so I told her NOT to lie on voice mail, do not call back and hang up.

    11. Antione says:

      "to speak to a representatively immediately, press 1" I didn't bother listening further, but I've gotten the same call a number of times.

    12. Kraig says:

      I've gotten a few calls from this number saying its urgent to take action about my account, i call it and it asks for my account number or debit card number. I also get texts from this number and several different ones of different area codes with: SUBJECT07: B a n k o f A m e r i c a ....then the phone number. im getting tired of it. then i get a SUBJECT08...and on and on...its really getting on my nerves.

    13. Junior says:

      Recorded message left on my voicemail prompting my to inquure about honest companies.

    14. Deangelo says:

      Text message with a bunch of strange characters.

    15. Bruno says:

      I get a call from this number at least once a week! I live in houlton, maine. I get this call in the late evening usually right in the middle of me trying to get my children to sleep! so annoying! and just like others say, no voice mail and just a lady saying goodbye when you call back...