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    1. Darryl says:

      This person or whoever they are calls my phone and hangs up as soon as I say hello

    2. Roderick says:

      robo call scammers called again - they should hire people who are familiar with English

    3. Ashley says:

      I Receiveda a call from you at 3:00 PM in Brazil today, I would like to know what is about? My name is Sergio Montenegro and my phone number is 0055 41 9672 1427

    4. Dalton says:

      Calls about five times a day. Sometimes back to back to back and every 30 minute

    5. Junior says:

      Recorded message left on my voicemail prompting my to inquure about honest companies.

    6. Marco says:

      I got a few texts from this person. They wondering if I remember them, and I didn't. He sent me picture of his "man hood" and told me that we had relations. Well they had the wrong number, I told them to stop texting my phone and that is was rude to text someone's phone they didn't know. It came down to that person threatening me and my home. I to this day have no idea who this was, but I'm glad they sent me a picture of their face.... So that I can take it to the cops.

    7. Neal says:

      It's Global Properties 1, Inc and they sold my lot for me, it did take a little longer then anticipated, but they got the job done...

    8. Gayle says:

      Called back to back for like 10 mins straight. When I finally answered nobody answerede. So I hung up and they started the calling all over again for another ten mins or so.

    9. Jere says:

      Unsolicited call left on my business phone from Dan Fobes at Greenberg, Grant & Richards about "asset management and cash flow resolution

    10. Myles says:

      I got the same damn call today....exactly the same. scared me, because i didnt' know what they were talkng bout. this has to be illegal....sons of bi****s!!!

    11. Tory says:

      some type of telemarketing wanting you to sit through a presentation

    12. Chance says:

      Recorder asking to update your Google listing.

    13. Avery says:

      I got 5 calls from this #, but no message didnt answer

    14. Leonardo says:

      There would be no purpose in anyone answering a call from this number. The callers are scammers, and answering their call will only lead to aggravation!

    15. Angel says:

      I answered and they hung up