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    1. Elton says:

      called home number, stated north carolina call on id, no response, hung up

    2. Louis says:

      I received an email from a "Roger Fornsworth" with this phone number to call back.  I am a realtor and they went onto my website and asked for me to call this number.  I did not call it back.

    3. Foster says:

      Calls my phone 5+ times a day, pre-recorded message, scam of some sort

    4. Felipe says:

      Hospital. Calling. For bill money

    5. Emmanuel says:

      It is a telemarketing firm. If you call back, they politely ask if you'd like to be removed from their call back list. They prompt you to press one to have your cell phone deleted from their call list.

    6. Homer says:

      THIS IS A SCAM. Read about the your-PC-is-infected-corrupted scam here

    7. Gregg says:

      Sent text message to thank me for 100.00.

    8. Melvin says:

      that someone in my house stole an item from gamestop

    9. Riley says:

      I lost my money 5 dollars twice a week. Please stop this things!

    10. Freddie says:

      Send me some comments on how authentic. This proposal is for a free 500$ credit

    11. Russel says:

      scam...free cruise to Bahamas. I hung up.

    12. Enoch says:

      same thing - didnt win the jeep, won a trip for two to cozumel. the phone number obviously didnt come up with a google search so i called back and it asked me to press the number corresponding to my area of residence (1 for san antonio). at that point i had more info (the name - premier marketing) so i hung up and googled it and found this. this is the first telemarketer ive gotten on my cell. this better not be the first of many!

    13. Abe says:

      I hung up and quickly blcked the number knowing it was useless.

    14. Gary says:

      The first phone call was from a 800 number then I had it blocked from my home and cell with the guy by the name of Thomas Whittaker. Now they are calling from this number and using another name Michael Thomas.  I am going to seek out Federal Trade Commission and keep a running log of every call.  Because whoever this is has my personal information.

    15. Dexter says:

      Call them & see who it is!!