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    1. Ian says:

      This was a recorded message.

    2. Dana says:

      2 calls in two weeks. VM was a recording about answering 10 questions and getting tix for a cruise

    3. Gail says:

      Received an invoice from IDCServCO for toner that we didn't need or order.  Plus, the price was about 5 times the regular amount.  The shipping?  Only $136 for TWO toner cartridges!

    4. Lawrence says:

      someone wanting to install a security system free and place their sign on my front lawn???? I live in a secured apartment building! !!!

    5. Jesse says:

      Capital One collections 5ept

    6. Rudy says:

      Yep, Patrick Green called me informing me of some fraud issue involving me. First, there is no United Financial Crime Department. That doesn't exist in our government. United Financial is one of those scam loan places. I don't know who this guy really is but it's a scam. Like you can't tell by the accent that it's bogus. I hope this fool does call back. I want to mess with him. Oh, by the way, his carpet is double parked.

    7. Demetrius says:

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    8. Willie says:

      Android user. 317-747-9214 calls as soon as i answer nothing. Not even as if anyone was ever on it. Thank you for looking into it.

    9. Hung says:

      i left my cell phone at home and when i got back to it i saw that i had missed a call from this unknown number. i tried looking up the area code in the phone book. no luck. then i looked it up on the internet and i found this.

    10. Rosario says:

      They calling for somebody else

    11. Wilfred says:

      Pranker. has you go to his location and then mysteriously has something come up.

    12. Lauren says:

      I have received numerous "Georgia call 678/253-0256" in the past few weeks.  I don't answer calls I don't recognize,and no messages were left. After about the 3rd call, I googled the number and read other messages about the same number.  I,too, have recently subscribed to a newspaper. The Houston Chronicle.  Tonight, I got another call and I answered this one.  The caller asked for me by correct name and said she was with the Chronicle and asked if I'd been receiving my papers.  She said if I had not already made payment arrangements, she could take care of it with a credit card. I asked for her number for name and number for verificatin purposes and she said "Karen. 1/888-220-7211."  When I asked for the name of her company, she said she was with the Chronicle.  I said "No, you are not." and she abruptly hung up.  Turns out the number she gave me is for the Chronicle, but I intend to call them tomorrow and advise them of the calls and ask if they are selling customer's information.

    13. Marty says:

      This people call every morning, every noon and every night. Almost EVERYDAY.

    14. Coleman says:

      They never stop... Very annoying

    15. Clair says:

      How do I make them stop calling me and they don't even leave a message?