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    1. Dewey says:

      Guy breathing heavy and trying to talk dirty

    2. Irving says:

      I get 4 to 5 calls a day from Sallie Mae on my office line. At first, I was ignoring them. I thought if I picked up, I would be able to ask someone to remove my number from their calling list. But no one is ever on the line! It's dead. Annoying!! What can I do to make these stop?!

    3. Oswaldo says:

      got called at 4 am. the hung up on us.

    4. Damian says:

      Yeah..same here. We are a government agency (AK)..any relation? I've gotten at least 4 calls with just classical music for about 20 seconds, then it hangs up...

    5. Delmar says:

      Got a message from this number last night 12/12/12 from unknown person "...hey this is Gabriel just want to see how you are doing.." I have no idea who this person is or why she would be calling me.

    6. Mikel says:

      i dont know who they are.

    7. Esteban says:

      This person won't stop calling and texing me! Watch out

    8. Francis says:

      Company name is CMS and they say they are a survey company.

    9. Marcos says:

      Keep calling rather incoherent, half the time they are not on the phone when we pick up. Do not leave messages. When they are semi-coherent they ask for individuals which do not live at the residence. Waste of time.

    10. Darren says:

      These people are getting on my last nerve they are calling my job and my cell phone number telling me I am under investigation andthey hope that I do not ignore this call.  WHAT DO THEY WANT I don't owe anyone that I have not paid.  Should'nt this be illegal.. STOP THE NONSENSE

    11. Kraig says:

      this is annoying. ..and I want it to stop

    12. Stacy says:

      also also live in Raleigh and just got the call at 12:52pm.

    13. Prince says:

      Answered and pressed 1 when the recording started but didn't say a word til LISA answered. I told her "Hello Lisa. What a pathetic person you must be to work for this company." I then reported it to the fcc.

    14. Jerrod says:

      Called yesterday and asked for me by name...when told I wasn't home, they just hung up. Called the number with no answer.

    15. Patricia says:

      Mystery call w no message