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    1. Jerrold says:

      been receiving calls from this number but have not wait'd long enough to have it answered.

    2. Cornelius says:

      The phones rings twice and hangs up. When I call back inquiring about the company, who the call is for, etcetera, a woman repeatedly hangs up on me. She answers West Asset Management but she says it so fast, you can hardly understand what she is saying. If this is a reputable business, they should question their methods. I don't why they would be calling me, especially on my mobile phone, because I  don't have any delinquent accounts.

    3. Joel says:

      Received the following spam text from this number. "You have been selected to receive a FREE $50 Walmart Gift voucher Call 1-877-552-3585 to redeem. TEXT STOP TO STOP"

    4. Walter says:

      This person has called several times and I didn't pick up the phone, not knowing who it could me.

    5. Vernon says:

      some person trying to sell meds

    6. Rosario says:

      You think that because you have an incorrect understanding of the purpose and how the DNC registry works. The one message that actually had information on this caller claimed it was a polling or survey type call.  Since nothing is being sold, that call is not covered by the Do Not Call laws.  In fact, companies like this who do surveys with no selling involved cannot even register for access to the Do Not Call list. They could not check it for numbers not to call even if they wanted to.  The only telemarketers who can register for access are those selling goods or services by phone.  That means a range of nuisance callers like solicitors for charities, survey or polling calls, political calls and debt collectors can call without violating the Do Not Call rules.  They are required to place you on their internal Do Not Call list and once you do and they continue to call, you can take action against them.  However, you may need to have proof of your request such as Certified Mail Receipt for a notarized Cease and Desist letter although many callers will honor a verbal request.

    7. Luigi says:

      This was a random call from someone selling alarm systems. I've never done business with this company.

    8. Kenton says:

      I get these all the time too...sometimes at 4 in the morning...got one  yesterday and they were listed on caller id as Soundbite Communications.

    9. Blake says:

      A women said I won a cruise its a spam

    10. Trey says:

      Oops...There was a caller id on the phone...it was 512-100-2350.  I mistakenly put 'none' in that category.

    11. Lemuel says:

      i keep getting calls for a frank lamada not sure of the spelling. whoever this agency is that keeps calling my cell just doesn't get it! calls are from  210 227 5081  ext 105 ms lewis (louis).

    12. Huey says:

      did not answer because I do not know anyone in this area. they did not leave a message.

    13. Marlon says:

      Filthy individual calls and doesn't say anything, just breathes heavily into the phone. There's always a crowd noise in the background.

    14. Rickie says:

      Got a text message advertising 1000 free Ipads 3 to test and keep. Asks you to go to their website and enter a code word. Looks like if I enter the code word they'll take that as subscription to their service and start charging you for interactive sms service.

    15. Josue says:

      Uses harassing & illegal debt collection practices