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    1. Sherwood says:

      I've been receiving calls from 661-210-4682 a lot lately - messages are being left by a foreign woman who doesn't pronounce my name correctly. She says that I or my attorney needs to call them immediately "to resolve the issue", but she doesn't say who the company is nor the "issue". I'm sure this is a scam. I don't owe anyone money. Unfortunately, my telephone number was entered in a lot of online searches in the past, so this might be the root of this. Luckily, I have Lifelock, but it's still disturbing to be harassed like this. Everyone beware - don't call these people back!

    2. Daren says:

      callback went to http://quinstreet.com/Redefining Vertical Marketing and Media Online

    3. Brant says:

      dont answer police report

    4. Marlin says:

      Some girl crying for attention begging to get banged in her bathroom LOL

    5. Millard says:

      Another telemarketing call...don't bother answering if they call you

    6. Donny says:

      Telemarketer soliciting for a home secuirty system and installation.

    7. Clemente says:

      no clue who is calling, I tried calling back but my call was rejected. ATT blocking service could not assist me

    8. Kasey says:

          this individual called my mother and claimed to be her nephew, then a day later asked for money from her, he made off with $1500.

    9. Sidney says:

      This number is a SPAM trying to commit fraud. BEWARE

    10. Clement says:

      Bull crap about winning 25k n stuff

    11. Amos says:

      314-627-2824... claims you visited a site and was selected for a prize. SELECT PROMPT #2 BE REMOVED FROM THE CALL LISTING... per the Kansas City Better Business Bureau January 2012 It's kind of a slow week for scams in the KC Area, which is good. Be aware that there is is still phishing scam out there that is using the BBB's name to trick businesses into clicking a link via email. Call us to verify complaints.

    12. Bart says:

      No voicemail, received at 906am.

    13. Vernon says:

      These guys work out of Brooklyn. It's a scam. And this isn't the only one they have going.

    14. Shirley says:

      f****ng bi*** Angel Jones,stop scamming American,i'm damn sure dat ya indian,learn more english ya having a strong heavy indian accent.ya sooooooo poor datz y u tuk money from innocent people,u will surely curse...............

    15. Tad says:

      1 early AM phone call from this number