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    1. Avery says:

      received call from this # on 5/20/11 @ 10:00 am  could not understand caller

    2. Rayford says:

      This # has called twice today, yet doesn't leave a message. I do not answer calls that I do not recognize the #. Duh...................

    3. Ahmed says:

      This number called me yesterday but it looked weird so I didn't pick up. They didn't leave a message.

    4. Normand says:

      Someone called me on my cell phone on Sunday, August 12, at 2:34 PM. I did not answer because I did not recognize the number and they did not leave a message. I know noone from this number.

    5. Trent says:

      Luis ,abusive Ex-Boyfriend. Annoying texts & calls.

    6. Todd says:

      Just got a bogus call on an account from 1998.  Yeah right!

    7. Hobert says:

      I received a call from 120-271-9047.  When I answered no one was on the line.

    8. Kasey says:

      called me drunk and mumbling, second time

    9. Emanuel says:

      Working with the cops at the Hilton

    10. Mose says:

      Just do not answer, this guys and their robo-calls are verifying if you answer the phone, if you do, then you are just giving them the time that somebody is at home and can answer the phone, so they very happily, sell your data, to other companies including the time that somebody can answer the phone at the giving phone number, the other information related to your phone, they already they got it!!, (we are their customers). This is for more accurate time, a seller, or a charity company or a collection can call to ask for your money money money! This really sucks! don't you guys think??

    11. Jospeh says:

      Constantly calls without talking or leaving a message

    12. Rodrick says:

      Got a call from 1-727-683-0705 this afternoon. Caller name was blocked. I certainly don't know anyone in that area code.

    13. Carmine says:

      Says to press one to talk to a specialist about improving your credit score. I pressed it to demand information on how they got my number and demand that I be taken off the list but it just hangs up on you once you press one....

    14. Elvin says:

      Esos hijos de su **** madre no saben con quien se van a meter si me llegan a marcar putas escorias de la vida humana

    15. Rolland says:

      i got a call from this number. didnt pick up when i called the numbre back.