361-523 Phone Me Not

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    1. Rashad says:

      Has to be sales gimmick or person trying steal identities

    2. Brice says:

      As usual, I never answer unknown numbers just wait for my voice mail and as usual no message left, call from Los Banos today 4/12/13

    3. Lawerence says:

      https://www.donotcall.gov 207 993 2642 REPORT THEM , LET THE GOVERNMENT GO AFTER THEM. register with do not call list (cells welcome too) free. then you can file a complaint. THIS WAY YOU GET THE LAST LAUGH. ;D the calls did not stop until i filed a complaint online, then suddenly, the calls stopped. No more prize offers. I know when i ordered that stupid as seen on tv product, my number would be sold. save yourself the aggrevation and dont buy as seen on tv crap by phone. you get tossed into a never ending BS pool. good luck to all 207 993 2642 https://www.donotcall.gov put your taxes to work for you , sign up with do not call, sign the whole family up!

    4. Luigi says:

      Guy calling himself Richi/Mr Bone, keeps caling at random hours of the night, been doing it now for almost 3 weeks straight nightly. Im gonna have to notify STL PD if he doesnt stop. He is a STALKER/NUT JOB, Did some research apparently his name is John Barak and he is married and his wifes name is Elizabeth, wonder if she knows he is calling and harrassing and stalking random women for no reason!!!

    5. Virgil says:

      I also get daily calls, with daily hang ups, any recommendations on how to end these calls?

    6. Jonah says:


    7. Dee says:

      Sale person I ask to stop calling but they still do help

    8. Antony says:

      I am constantly receiving calls from 205-351-4823 and the calls are in no way related to me.

    9. Alejandro says:

      I received a call and they left a voicemail saying to call 1-888-454-0168 to claim my $40.00 gift card.

    10. Ramiro says:

      New Numbers used by CallerID4U Scammer operated by Luis Martinez and Paul Maduno347-354-1468 CLLI: NWYRCYZN08; Loc: JACKSON HEIGHTS; Carrier: BANDWIDTH.COM CLEC, LLC - NY206-397-1149 No C/O Spoofed253-236-2343 CLLI: TACMWA44CA1 LOCATION: 2210 S 35TH ST, TACOMA, WA. 98491 Carrier: SPRINT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY, L.P. - WA, CLEC Report All Calls to FCC at http://www.fcc.gov/complaintsFor more information about CallerID4U, visit:http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com/2013/01/29/public-utility-callerid4u-inc-involved-in-millions-of-illegal-robocalls/http://telemarketerspam.wordpress.com/callerid4u-washington-phone-number-lis/

    11. Darwin says:

      Didn't answer, caller left 12 sec. silence on voicemail.

    12. Stacey says:

      just keep getting calls, no messages left

    13. Efrain says:

      it is diversified consultants bill collectors, thats what this number is!!

    14. Alphonso says:

      I am a new business in IL and they call me every day and don't leave a message.

    15. Chauncey says:

      Yeah he call me all the time!