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    1. Alden says:

      A rude Indian gentleman called me telling me he was calling on behalf of MicroSoft and I had a bug running on my home PC and he was to help me fix the problem.  When asked how he got my number (my cell) he tolds me that it was the number I used to register my home PC with MicroSoft - WRONG!!  I got rude with him and told him to call me back we'll see

    2. Justin says:

      Courtney called from Sunstar local newspaper, Offered paper delivery for $1.50 per week.  I said It is too much paper.  I said in the the past I only had weekend paper.  She then offered wkend delivery for $.88 per week for 22 weeks.  I provided visa # thenmy husband stopped me and I ASKED WHERE can I call you back to ensure you are from Sunstar.  She then gave me #(530) 897-5202 and said I had to speak to her manager Blade. I also tried calling back the # she called from 384-7544.  Both #s disconnected. I had to cancel my cc.  HASSLE!

    3. Roberto says:

      Just got the same text from Pacific Western Bank to call.....it's a scam

    4. Aubrey says:

      Strange messages from this number and ones very similar:

    5. Jewell says:

      Fake US Gov't call offering $9k if I give credit/debit card or bank info. Hung up when I asked if I could call them back later.

    6. Warner says:

      Keeps calling. Comes up unknown then lists number in recent calls. Don't answer

    7. Santiago says:

      Got this call from the same number, I missed the call but they left a message. Well they left the phone on and hurd mummbling noises, like a butt dial. anyway did not call it back but was curious why I got a call from that number. Very strange!

    8. Jefferson says:

      Total scam! The man started yelling at me saying that I currently had a policy with them which is a lie. My extended warranty expired last year. The man was very rude and aggressive. After I hung up on him because he would not listen to "take me off your list" and my statement of I am not interested he continued to call me several more times.

    9. Theodore says:

      Calls several times a day and does not leave a message.

    10. Nathanael says:

      I also received at least three calls from their 800 number which caller ID said was unavailable......asking me to call them right away.

    11. Prince says:

      Left a message on my cell phone. Some guy that I could hardly understand. Called the number back and spoke to some OTHER person that was extremely rude. Stated that there are 3 counts filed against me of fraud, check fraud and some other something or other. I don't write checks except for my house. So that makes no sense.  He said that I need to listen to him or he wouldn't be responsible for what happens. Claims to be from the law offices of Brown in California. Last time this number was on my phone and the person left a message, he said his name was Harry Potter. erm, yeah.

    12. Laurence says:

      Called my cell and husband's cell minutes apart. Left no msg. When I tried to call back it said it was trying to connect me to an operator. I hung up.

    13. Gilbert says:

      They have called me for days with no message left, answered and heard nothing but silence. Extremely irritating.

    14. Bruno says:

      I logged this one in late December for calling my cell phone. Now it's gotten my business number & calls every morning between 9 and 10:30. I tell them "remove me" or "pretend you never had this number" but the calls persist. Now I push "answer" & just set the phone down. Seconds later I hear my desk saying "hello? hello?" I think there is a parrot in the drawer! They do not get it!!!!! Oh, and they still call my cell number at least 1x a day.

    15. Adolfo says:

      Sorry, not accepting text and calls from the number. Try back when someone cares.