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    1. Ernest says:

      I too am having that problem with different numbers. Dialled today's number back and it was a recording of the American Diabetes Association. There was an option to take my number off of their calling list--within 30 days. The number I used today is: 434-878-9983. Don't know is it will take care of the calls from ADA with different numbers or not. We'll see. They are driving us nuts.

    2. Edwin says:

      These SOB's called, and when I answered they hung up and called back 30 sec later.  When I answered again they again hung up.....  I just reported this caller to the FCC via the online complaint form.....

    3. Gregorio says:

      To Heather & other victims of this nonsense-

    4. Philip says:

      text:Apple is looking for ppl to test and keep the new iPad 3! But only the 1st 100 0 users that goto http://ipad3now.co and enter code BETA will receive it!I believe this is Spam.

    5. Tommy says:

      just called me at 2am!! just beeps

    6. Dwight says:

      Got a phone call from them

    7. Josiah says:

      Phonebook says Michael Beyer347 N Edwards

    8. Forest says:

      "Your cruise ship has....." *click*

    9. Nelson says:

      I don't speak Spanish. They call everyday.

    10. Kenneth says:


    11. Santos says:

      This number is sending me texts claiming my credit card has been deactivated and prompts me to call another local number (218-260-2266). I've suddenly gotten a FLOOD of spam texts after never getting a single one, and believe they may be connected though all the numbers are different (too big of a coincidence).

    12. Darius says:

      they knew me. wouldnt say their name. creeper

    13. Gregory says:

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    14. Levi says:

      Same thing happened to me!!! I thought it was a weird number that I didnt recognize but I answered it anyway just to hear someone breathing then they just hung up on me!

    15. Solomon says:

      Did they speak or leave a message?"HTC EVO Android User"