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    1. Jerrold says:

      stupid real estate salespeople

    2. Russell says:

      this is the second day that these people have called me in a row. smart shopper? they should stop calling and harassing me. they're calling me when i told them yesterday that i'm not interested in a giftcard.

    3. Ken says:

      Calls started a few days ago. Have blocked them from reaching me.

    4. Rubin says:

      This number called my sister today & left a message (or text?) saying it was HSBC calling to alert credit card customers about a security breach &/or suspicious activity on their account, etc... The call-back number they gave was (917) 754-9568. My sister has no HSBC credit card, so at first she thought maybe it was about our mom's credit card. But they called my sister's cell phone, which isn't listed anywhere on Mom's account -- so it's obviously some sort of scam. Mom called HSCB (at the number listed on the back of her card) & they said there’s no such alert and that the call wasn't from HSBC. Might have been worse if they called Mom at home and spoke to her directly. She never heard of automatic phone dialers and might not have suspected anything -- and being "on the spot" with no time to think, it might not occur to her that they should tell HER the account number, to prove who THEY are -- not the other way around.

    5. Chas says:

      If you give your cell to any company or dept stores etc, then all the banks and companies will have it on the database.  Don't give it out to nobody except for your friends and family.

    6. Korey says:

      Yes...this guy is strange! I have no IDEA who this guy is.

    7. Demetrius says:

      They called my home phone this afternoon looking for me and I told them I was not at home just to see who it was. I asked if they wanted to leave a number and name for a return phone call. They said no thanks I'll call her cell number I said Ok and hung up laughing because they dont have my cell number. Dont know this is but I'm sure they will call back again.

    8. Amos says:

      no, you didn't. Its a scam.

    9. Jayson says:

      no call from that number

    10. Adalberto says:

      They called and left a message for me to call back, they said my account was jeporized and I needed to verify my account, I called the 1-800 # for BOA. They said nohing is wrong with my account.he verified that boa only calls from a 1-800 or 1-877 numbers. I callled back the 315 number just out of curiosity and it was a machine operator, saying the number was an over seas call and they accept all charges. SPAM!

    11. Branden says:

      got a text for an item on craigslist...wanted all my personal info and is currently trying to hack my paypal account. DO NOT ACCEPT!!!! They claim to be in NY but call came from CA

    12. Cortez says:

      i have spoken with these ppl.... when you call back you have to wait about 45 seconds for them to pick up the call. be patient. If you have applied or searched for a job online theni you are under the scrutiny of a crippled america searching for work. Maybe part of obomas educational program to help america. but however.. when i spoke to them they offered me grant money for re education and schooling whitch the gov is shelling out of the pocket to re employ america. they do continue to call regardless of what you say. the i went along with it for a few weeks to make them work for it. then the last time they called i told them that i found a job and was moving to alaska to work on the pipeline and i didnt think i could complete the online schooling from their because they had poor signal. they haavent called me since

    13. Bryant says:

      Automated hello and hung up

    14. Jc says:

      Its EC Credit Control, they want your money! They are probably chasing you for an outstanding fine or something!

    15. Florencio says:

      I received 2 calls from this #, today, 8/11/12. Since I didn't recognize it, I did not answer. Caller did not leave message, either.